a-england Briar Rose Swatches & Review

a-england Briar Rose Swatches & Reviewa-england Briar Rose from the Burne-Jones Dream Collection is batting a perfect score because every single lacquer I’ve tried by this brand has been a dream to work with!

This cranberry is more than meets the eye, Transformers! In natural light, it looks really pretty and ladylike, but in the sunlight or under bright artificial light, it’s absolutely stunning.

Thanks to NailPolishCanada for selecting me as one of the few bloggers to be gifted 4 out of 5 shades from the awesome Burne-Jones Dream Collection!

I had been wanting to try a-england nail polishes for the longest time. And now that I have, I’m hooked! (I ended up purchasing Dragon and Saint George – hehe, no surprise there, right?) 😉 Psst! You can expect reviews on those a little later. I’ve already worn Dragon and fell in love.

P.S. You still have until Friday August 16 to enter my a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection Giveaway open worldwide!

a-england Briar Rose Pictures

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Briar Rose

Natural Light

a-england Burne-Jones Dream Collection Swatches Briar Rose Swatch


a-england Briar Rose

Natural Light

a-england Briar Rose Burne Jones Dream Collection Review


a-england Briar Rose Burne-Jones Dream Collection


a-england Briar Rose Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

a-england Briar Rose Swatches & Review

a-england Briar Rose Swatch

a-england Briar Rose Review & Swatch

a-england Briar Rose Review & Swatches

a-england Briar Rose Swatch & Review

a-england Briar Rose Swatches

Flash Photos

a-england Briar Rose Swatch, Review & Pictures

a-england Briar Rose Swatch & Photos

a-england Briar Rose Swatch, Swatches & Review

a-england Briar Rose Swatches & Photos

a-england Briar Rose Swatches, Review & Pictures


  • Cranberry/scarlet base with a slight milky sheen (Yes)
  • Gently ladylike prismatic demeanour (Yes)

Key Notes

a-england Briar Rose Review


If you’re looking for a feminine colour that is more interesting than a pink poodle, grab a bottle of Briar Rose by a-england!

It’s fun, but it has a more mature sensibility. I think people of all different ages will gravitate toward this nail polish.

There’s a subtle scattered holo that’s obvious, but it’s not too flashy or blinged out, so those who aren’t comfortable with a lot of glitter or crazy colours will find that this is a great entry-level holo.

(Nail polishes are a bit like gateway drugs, aren’t they? Once you find a lacquer you love, that’s when the addiction begins! Polish safely, fellow nailphiles! Hehe!) 😉


Briar Rose by a-england has a gorgeous scattered holo finish, so that means you’ll see every shade in the rainbow.

When you move your hands, as the glittery holo catches the light, you’ll see so many colours twinkle on your nails like you bumped into a forest fairy. 🙂

Application & Formula

Oh my goodness! a-england nail polishes are da bomb dot com! So far, for 4 of the a-england nail polishes that I’ve reviewed so far, they’ve been extremely pigmented. They were all pretty much one-coaters, but I always applied more than one out of habit.

It’s crazy how smoothly they apply as well. They’re pigmented, but not thick or hard to work with. They apply easily, so if you’re still trying to improve your polishing skills, check out a-england. They make your life easier – well, at least your polishing life! 😉

And they’re just as easy to remove when you’re ready to change your manicure. So, even though a-england lacquers are pricier than your typical nail polish, I think it’s worth the investment because the formula is top-notch!


  • Pretty cranberry shade
  • Scattered holo
  • Excellent pigmentation (1-coater!)
  • Smooth formula


  • Price is higher than a typical nail polish (and you get 11ml instead of the standard 14ml or 15ml) – Given the exceptional pigmentation & formula, I think it’s worth the splurge!

Final Verdict: 9/10

I’m very impressed with a-england nail polishes, as if you couldn’t already tell! 😉 I will scream at the top of my lungs on the mountain how great the formulas and colours are. (Hehe, so if you hear some ‘mental patient’ yelling about nail polish, you’ll know it’s me. Please add extra padding to the walls in my room.)

Do you wear cranberry-coloured nail polish more in December or any time of year? Do you have a favourite holo that you’ve worn over and over again?

Edit: Yay! a-england retweeted this blog post – what an honour!

a-england SwatchAndLearn


10 thoughts on “a-england Briar Rose Swatches & Review

  1. FedoraHarp

    It’s very rare that I’ll actually drool over a pink, but this is definitely one of those occasions! I tend to lean towards the darker richer pinks, which explains this. Also the holo. And even though it doesn’t technically have a color shift, it gives the illusion of having a shift from lighter pink to darker pink because it’s SO sparkly, so that’s also a plus!
    FedoraHarp recently posted: Review: BPS feather decals

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey FedoraHarp!

      Haha, I’m the same way. I should check my temperature when a pink makes my heart race. 😉

      You’d love the buttery formula. Seriously, a-england is winning me over with their excellent pigmentation and smooth formulas. Amazing! No misses yet – all hits!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      Thanks! 🙂 I felt very honoured to have this privilege to try a-england Briar Rose. This was one of my first introductions to the brand, and I’m thoroughly impressed!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      a-england is simply amazing! I’m a new fan because all the ones I’ve tried are hits! Very rare that a company puts out colours and formulas that are so top-notch!

  2. Shelby

    How is it that you did not own Dragon and Saint George?! I think I own all the a-england holos at this point (and they are so unique I refer to their special holo as “the a-england holo”). I feel totally glamorous in a-englands, you have to get more 😉

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Shelby!

      I know, right? I saw tons of swatches of those shades and even had readers tell me how amazing they were. Finally I bit the bullet and bought them. Soooo happy I did! They are gorgeous! I wore Dragon first, and I know that I’ll wear Saint George soon!

      Hehe! The “a-england holo” – that’s cute!

      P.S. I surely will get more a-england! With colours and formulas so amazing, it’s hard to resist!


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