Swatch And Learn 2010 Beauty Awards – One Night Stand & Repeat Offender

Welcome to the first ever Swatch And Learn 2010 Beauty Awards! One Night Stand & Repeat Offender is the 4th of 7 award posts.

Hype surrounding a beauty product can be exactly like beer goggles at the pub – it looks good…until the next morning! But then there are some items that we just can’t get enough of, and we keep going back for more.

Here are our winners for One Night Stand & Repeat Offender:

One Night Stand

This award is given to the products that gave us a good first impression, but we would never call back.

Mary’s Winner

LUSH Snow Fairy Solid Perfume

Some ladies wait all year for LUSH Snow Fairy. I can’t wait to get a whiff of fresh air! Okay, I’m all for girly products, but this smells like jelly beans with a tank full of sugar. It’s a cloyingly sweet one-note scent that’s reminiscent of a freebie you get with a Barbie doll. The fragrance doesn’t change no matter how long you wear it. Predictable. Nauseating. Flat. I wanted so badly to love this, but this is a complete nose assault.

Fiona’s Winner

Prestige Marble Eyeliner

What attracted me to this? Looks: the color was beautiful. Then I soon found out that it had absolutely no substance: it smudged and melted under pressure. And it had no staying power – definitely not a product to build a relationship with. What’s worse? After about 3 months, the color completely changed. The pencil dried up, and even a sharpener couldn’t save it. Yes, it’s to dumpsville for this Prestige eyeliner. I won’t give it second glances the next time I pass by it at the drugstore. See ya!

Repeat Offender

This award is given to the products that we use every day.

Mary’s Winner

Sedu Flat Iron

I may not be Medusa (breathe easy, guys), but my hair is a Wild Thang that needs to be tamed! When left to its own devices, it becomes the Big Bad Wolf. The Sedu Flat Iron is a godsend. It straightens my wavy/curly hair in no time flat, it’s got an adjustable temperature dial, and this baby never snags my hair because of the super-smooth ceramic-tourmaline plates. This is hands down the best haircare investment I’ve ever made, and I’ve been using it religiously for years.

Fiona’s Winner

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

No lie: I always have to check out this product whenever I’m at my local drugstore to see if it’s on sale. This literally is the foundation to my makeup, giving me a flawless finish without making my skin feel weighed down. On my good-skin days, I only need to wear a little to even out my complexion. But on my skin-gone-all-crazy days, I can build up the coverage while still looking natural. It’s my secret go-to weapon to flawless-looking skin!

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