Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink Eyeshadow Rollerball Review & Swatches

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Even though I don’t have any allergies (none that I know of anyway), I still like to pay close attention to the ingredients in my makeup. It really scares me when the ingredient list is so long that it’s like I’m reading a novella.

That’s why Everyday Minerals wins major points in my books. Not only that, their blushes are very pigmented, so I couldn’t wait to try their eye shadows! Especially since I got the Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink Eyeshadow Rollerball. I thought that feature is fun and conveniently, but I wasn’t expecting it to work too well.

Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink Shadow Eyeshadow Rollerball Swatches & Pictures

Glitter Galore in All Colors!



    Pretty, soft & pearlescent
    Convenient & compact
    Goes on even
    Good for touch-ups
    No mess

Key Notes

  • Name: Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink Eyeshadow Rollerball
  • Amount: 0.03oz or 0.1g (travel size)
  • What I Paid: $0 (Sent by Everyday Minerals for my honest review.)
  • Retail Prices: $4.50 USD for travel size & $6.50 USD for mini pot
  • Other Colors Available:
    • Matte: Bedtime, Bird House, Bundled Up, Dreaming Dandy, Driftwood, Love Letters, Movie Night, Rare Silk, Swing Set, Tide Pool, Wallaby, Wild Flowers, Parasail, Nutmeg, Monsoon, Everylasting Love
    • Sheen: Autumn Afternoon, Ballet Slippers, Bubble Tea, Butterfly Kisses, Comfy, Cypress, Good China, Hot Chocolate, In the Garden, Laptop, On the Phone, Room Addition, Scented Candles, Shopping Spree, Starlit, Late Checkout, Cardamon, Free Wheelin’ Denim, Marvel Denim Universe, Hipster Hippo, Sea Horse, Taj Mahal, Lip Lock, Mall Punk, Heart 2 Shop, Prettier in Pink, Ado to You
    • Shimmer: Anna Karenina, Boardwalk, Chamomile, Diary, Floating Feathers, Funnel Cake, Ginger Peach, Jane Eyre, Mystic Night, Net Surfing, Oasis, Pressed Olive, Romance Novel, Samba Lessons, Starry Eyed, Well Being, Wine Tasting, Kayak, Wood Sorrel, Queen Anne’s Lace, All Spice, Juniper, Vintage Denim, At the Zoo, Rock Anthem, Little Black Dress, Wish You Were Here, Volcano Blossom, Art Girl, Passion Passport, Bronze Medal
  • Where to Buy: Everyday Minerals website

Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink Rollerball Review

I had used many roller-ball products before, and all of them clumped at the opening. The ball would stop rolling, and you know what that means – trash. But so far, Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink Eye Rollerball works well. I find that it can distribute slightly too much product if you’re not careful.

The roller size is good for all-over lid application, but getting into the corners of your eyes is a bit tricky. These are just minor issues though. The roller ball hasn’t clumped at all, and I have so much fun just gliding on my shadow! As they say… Let the good times roll!

I like how small and compact the whole thing is. It’s really purse-friendly, so you can easily change up your eye makeup or touch-up on the go.

What’s even better is: the roller-ball applicator is recyclable. Not sure if your area can recycle it? Send it back to Everyday Minerals, and they’ll make sure that it’s recycled properly. Now that’s a responsible company in my eyes.

Applicator aside, how’s the shadow? I’m thorough impressed with it. The color isn’t my fave, but I think it’s a good staple to have. It’s a deep pink color with lavender undertones. Plus, there are lots of glitter of different colors. It makes your eyes look like kind of frosted.

Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink is super blendable, too. My fave is blending it with a warm color to contrast with the more subdued tone of the mauve. But it’s basically a neutral so you can complement it to any color you want.

Here’s the best part: no smudging, no budging, no melting, and no creasing… even without an eyelid primer on. I tested it a few times without a primer, and it lasted me the entire day without any of the big eye-makeup no-nos.

  • Lasts all day
  • Doesn’t smudge or melt
  • No creasing
  • Feels light on lid
  • Rollerball feature
  • Short list of ingredients
  • Sparkly interest
  • Blendable
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Only available online
  • Color isn’t too interesting
  • Rollerball size is slightly too big
  • Can distribute too much

Final Verdict: 9.2/10

I had such a great experience using Everyday Minerals Smokey Pink Travel Eye Shadow that I want more colors. I’ve got my eyes on Marvel Denim Universe, Volcano Blossom, Anna Karenina and Art Girl. Looks like I’ll be spending some $$ soon.

Which of the colors would you want to get for yourself? Let me know – I might end up getting it, too! 😛


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