Smashbox Proof Cream Eye Liner Palette Review & Swatches

** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

Do you have a makeup product that always catches your attention in the store? One that you test out every time, but never purchase? Smashbox Proof Cream Eye Liner Palette was that product for me… until I actually bought it. 😛 Eye colors are my Kryptonite!!

At first I thought I made a mistake and had wasted my money. But that was when I hadn’t figured out how best to get the product onto the included brush. Now that I found the best method, I’m truly liking this Smashbox cream liner palette. It’s not perfect, but it’s a winner still!

Smashbox Proof Cream Eye Liner Palette Swatches & Photos

*~* Smashbox Lava, Picasso, Midnight Purple, Midnight Brown & Putty Swatches *~*

*~* Smashbox Caviar, Thunder, Midnight Green, Deep Bronze & Cameo Swatches *~*


    Doesn’t run, flake or tug
    Glides on effortlessly

Key Notes

  • Name: Smashbox Proof Cream Eye Liner Palette
  • Amount:10 colors x 0.15g each
  • What I Paid: $38 CAD
  • Related Product: Metallic
  • Where to Buy: Sephora website, Sephora in store, Smashbox website, ULTA website, some Shoppers Drug Marts

Smashbox Proof Liner Palette Review

Initially I was tilting the brush on the side when dipping into the creams, trying to get product on each side separately. It just seemed natural to me. However, the product doesn’t adhere properly to the bristles this way. It resulted in the brush basically wiping the product off my eye during application, leaving streaks. Not only that, but I was wasting a lot of product from the Smashbox Proof Liner Palette.

I find it’s best to dip the brush straight into the creams, almost like you’re stabbing it in. (Mary says I’m violent!) Or you can swipe the brush lengthwise into the color, but just make sure the brush is straight up. I think the cream envelop each bristle better this way, allowing for better product pick-up… which means less waste and less product needed! Hurrah.

The brand calls the Smashbox Proof Eye Liner Palette mistake-proof, and they ain’t lying. No, ma’am! Sure, the mini brush is a tad on the super-small side, making application difficult at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a cinch to work the creams into your lash line. If you have any trouble, just walk it across, instead of lining your eyes in one go.

Now let’s talk about the fun stuff: the colors! I like the neutral shades of the Smashbox Proof Palette. They’re not in-your-face, so they’re great for the office. The most stand-out color of the bunch is Deep Bronze, which is a shimmery orange tan color. I tried wearing this on its own and found it too orange, so I deepened it with black on top. It shows that the Smashbox Proof liners can be worn layered up!

However, a lot of the colors are very similar, as you can see in the swatches. Midnight Brown and Cameo are very much alike, as with Putty and Thunder. It’s so unnecessary! I’d rather Smashbox added other shades instead to replace the near duplicates.

That aside, I very much appreciate the formula of the Smashbox Proof Eye Liner Palette. I can create defined lines with the creams, or I can smudge it out a bit for a smokey look. And there is absolutely no fading or melting – even without a primer on. It’s very impressive. It stays there all day for me, even after enduring an hour of sweating in the gym.


  • Doesn’t fade or melt
  • Creamy consistency goes on smoothly
  • Good color pay-off
  • Sleek packaging
  • Can be worn defined or smudge
  • Can be layered

  • Not a lot of product for the price
  • Small brush takes getting used to
  • Can be hard to apply
  • Some shades are very similar

Final Verdict: 8.4/10

Another great thing about the Smashbox Cream Eye Liners in Proof is the packaging. It looks super sleek! Plus, the compact size allows you to take this tiny wonder anywhere with you.

What do you think of the colors in Proof by Smashbox? Think you’d rather get the Metallic palette instead? Do tell. I’m all ears.


2 thoughts on “Smashbox Proof Cream Eye Liner Palette Review & Swatches

  1. May Morrison

    I loved these palettes but I can’t find anywhere now that stocks them. I think it is discontinued but I would love to buy one if there are any still about.

    1. Mary S.

      Hey May!

      Hmm…I’m not sure where else you can find these, unfortunately.

      This was a very old post on the blog written by my former blog partner, Fiona, back in 2011. She probably would have a better idea about this product than me.

      If I come across this palette, I’ll update this post. Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help!


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