Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle Review & Pictures

Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle A couple of weekends ago, Fiona and I made some delicious chocolate-chip cookies from scratch.

Being a total Swatch And Learn devotee, it reminded me to do a Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle review.

If the thought of sugary-sweet scents alone is enough to give you a headache, this isn’t for you.

But for people out there, like me, who swoon over bakery fragrances, you’re in for a treat. And you won’t have to get any mixing bowls dirty, either!

Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle Pictures

Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle

Bath & Body Works Homemade Cookies Candle

Rubberized inner rim seals in fragrance

Slatkin & Co. Home Made Cookies Candle


    Highly fragranced
    Smells of whipped buttercream & pure cane sugar mixed with vanilla bean & rich, sweet cream

Key Notes

  • Name: Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle
  • Amount: 411 grams (14.5 oz.)
  • Size Availability: 3-wick (14.5 oz.) & 1-wick (4 oz.)
  • What I Paid: $19.50 USD
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works website & Bath & Body Works stores

Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle Review

The Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle has a fragrance that grew on me. Upon first sniff, I curled up my nostrils (or at least I imagine that I did it like a cartoon character). But after I smelled it more and more, I started appreciating the sweet but not cloying scent.

It’s worth pointing out that while the Bath & Body Works Homemade Cookies candle has a large picture on the front of chocolate-chip cookies, that isn’t what you smell at all. The fragrance is very mild, and you can definitely detect buttercream  and vanilla. But the chocolate chip is M.I.A.

Also, to fill up a small-to-medium sized room, you have to let you candle burn for a while. It doesn’t have a quick scent throw like the Slatkin & Co. Frosted Cupcake Candle, which I previously reviewed.

The first time I lit the Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies scented candle, the wicks burned perfectly – no problems to report on that front. It also burned clean all the way down to the bottom (where the metal rings are that hold the wicks in place).


  • Smells like delicious buttercream cookies
  • Highly fragranced
  • Light, comforting scent

  • Label is misleading because candle doesn’t smell like chocolate-chip cookies
  • May be challenging to find in Bath & Body Works stores now
  • Slow scent throw

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

The Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle has a very yummy smell that’s not overbearing or sharply sweet. It features a soft scent that reminds me of when my mom and I used to bake cookies together when I was a kid.

Did you get your hands on this candle? What other cookie-scented candles have you tried and loved/hated?


8 thoughts on “Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle Review & Pictures

    1. Mary Post author

      Hi Amber! Yeah, isn’t it so delicious smelling? *Drools* I smelled the mint chocolate one, and it totally smelled exactly like the real deal!

  1. Ninety Nine

    I’m so jealous of you. You can’t get the slatkin & co. candles in Denmark as far as I’m concerned.
    If I go to a country that has them, i’m certainly going to stock up.
    Do you have a favorite scent?
    Ninety Nine recently posted: MOROCCANOIL!

    1. Mary Post author

      Oh, I had no idea that you can’t get them in Denmark! The Bath & Body Works site doesn’t even ship there?

      Yes, out of all the ones I’ve tried, my favourite Slatkin & Co. candle is Frosted Cupcake. (I’ve reviewed it previously if you’re interested.) It smells genuinely like a delicious cupcake that’s been freshly baked. It’s a bit heavy for the summer, but for the other months, I think it’s perfect…so yummy and not artificial. My favourite scents tend to be sweet.

      My second favourite candle would be Slatkin & Co. Leaves (hehe…which I’ve also reviewed). Leaves was actually the candle that made me interested in trying more candle scents. That one’s strong and good for the fall…The scent is calming and spicy. I used to burn that one when I was stressed out, and it made me so relaxed.

      What other candles have you tried and liked?

      1. Ninety Nine

        No, sadly they don’t ship it here 🙁
        Now i want a cupcake candle! I’ve heard a lot of great things about the “Leaves” candle on youtube as well! If i go to a country that actually sells them, i’ll certainly check them out.

        I recently bought two yankee candles, i think they are called soft blanket, and fluffy towels, i haven’t burnt them yet cause the scent is so strong (smells like clean/just washed clothes) that my entire room smells like them even though they are in a closed plastic bag.

        Have you tried any yankee candles? – some of them are available in Denmark.

        1. Mary Post author

          Aww…what a bummer!

          No, I’ve never tried any Yankee candles. As far as I know, there aren’t any of their stores here in Canada, and when I looked at their website last year, the shipping fees to Canada was way too heavy. I really want to try them. I hear they have a cupcake one, too. Maybe one day when I go to the States, I’ll get to check out the store and go crazy. 😛

          Which Yankee candles are your favourites? I’m really into gourmand scents…like caramel, cupcake, and sugar cookies.

            1. Mary Post author

              Oh, I see. Let me know how you like them after you burn them. 🙂 I’ve heard a lot of great things about Yankee candles in general.


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