Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle Review & Pictures

Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel CandleScented candles are one of my most recent obsessions that started a few months ago. One peek in my closet, and you’d probably shake your head in disbelief.

Of course one of the candles I have is the Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle. Just browse a few older pages on Swatch And Learn to see that the Bath & Body Works Holiday Tradition line got me hook, line, and sinker.

But while I’m a huge fan of most of the products in the Vanilla Bean Noel Collection and of Slatkin & Co. candles, I have to bust these Vanilla Bean Noel candles because, to put it plainly and simply, they suck!

Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle Pictures

Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle

Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel Candles

Slatkin & Co. 14.5 oz. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle

Large Candle

Slatkin & Co. 4 oz. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle

Small Candle

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Candle

Inside of lids have rubberized rims to seal in fragrance

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Candle

Claims: OK, but Product: BUSTED

    Delicious blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel & rich, comforting cream
    X Highly fragranced candle

Key Notes

  • Name: Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle
  • Amount: Large (14.5 oz) & Small (4 oz)
  • What I Paid: Large (2 for $20 USD on sale online) & Small (2 for $15 CAD on sale in store)
  • Price Per Unit: Large ($10 USD on sale) & Small ($7.50 CAD on sale)
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works website (large & small) & store
  • Products Available in Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Collection: Body Lotion, Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, PocketBac, HandiBac, Large Scented Candle, Small Scented Candle, Moisturizing Hand Soap, Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, Triple Moisture Body Cream, Soap & Lotion Caddy, Lip Gloss, Home Fragrance Oil, Fragrance Refills, Decorative Tree Deep Cleansing Hand Soap & Holiday Traditions Gift Box

Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel Candle Review

Slatkin & Co. candles are known for having amazing scent throw, but the Vanilla Bean Noel candles aren’t worth your hard-earned money. They’re so weak that when I lit one in a small room, even after 2 hours of burning, you could barely smell it.

The Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Candle gives off a super mild smell of toasted marshmallows, and if you sniff really hard within maybe 5 inches away from it, you can smell the blend of vanilla and caramel.

Having to get so close to smell it properly is just ridiculous! The whole reason why people like me buy scented candles in the first place is to fragrance an entire room. If you don’t want the scent, you would’ve bought plain wax candles instead…and for a lot cheaper, too!

This isn’t the first Slatkin & Co. candle I’ve tried. Up until now, I’ve been very pleased with my purchases. But I think the reason the Vanilla Bean Noel candle fails is because it’s a mild scent to begin with. For it to be more noticeable, they’d have to ramp up the strength of the oil. Maybe next year they’ll make some improvements to the formula.

I noticed that the small (1-wick) 4 oz. Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel candle didn’t burn as evenly as the large 14.5 oz. one (with 3 wicks). The small one tunnels a little, but when you get near the end (and if you’ve let it burn for a longer amount of time), eventually the wax walls go down. The large candle burns more evenly – just make sure when you first burn it that you let the melted pool of wax go from edge to edge.

Even though I’ve been down on these Slatkin & Co. candles, one thing I will say in their favor is that if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return or exchange them if you take them back to your Bath & Body Works store. So you aren’t stuck with it even after you’ve used it for a while. (I just kept mine because I was just too lazy to go back.)


  • Smells of toasted marshmallows or a blend of vanilla & caramel

  • Weak scent throw

Final Verdict: 4/10

The Slatkin & Co. Vanilla Bean Noel candles are duds, and I’d recommend getting the Slatkin & Co. Frosted Cupcake Candle instead if you’re into sweet gourmand/food-scented candles. Vanilla Bean Noel is a great fragrance…just not in the candle form.

What kind of scented candles do you like the most? What was the worst candle you ever used and why?

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