Milani HD Review & Swatches

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I’ve had such joy swatching and wearing the first three colors I tried from the 3D Holographic collection. So I was super excited to wear Milani HD. It looks to be a fun silver with mega holo effect – how can that ever go wrong?

However, the Milani HD 3D nail color disappoints me so! I love the formula and how easy it is to apply, but the aesthetic outcome doesn’t come anywhere near the other colors in this collection. Sigh! It is by far my least favorite from this set because it lacks that wow factor that I’ve come to expect from the 3D Holographic collection. Find out what I mean.

Milani HD Swatches & Pictures

*~* 3 Coats with Top Coat in Flash *~*

Once in a while (not often), you actually get more intensity.

*~* 3 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light *~*

Claims: TRUSTED, but Product: BUSTED

    Unique 3D Holographic effect
    Color shifts

Key Notes

Milani 3D Holographic HD Review

Great thing about Milani 3D Holographic HD is that the formula is the same as the others in the collection. That means it is also a dream to apply. You won’t experience gunkiness or goopiness from this nail polish.

Just sweep on without a care, as it has just the right consistency to level itself out on the nail. The result is a glossy-glass finish. And it dries quickly, too – I only wait about 10 minutes before applying another coat or a top coat.

Now onto the bad. Milani HD nail lacquer is super sheer… it is even sheerer than the others in the collection. So you might want to apply a fourth coat (which seems a lot!).

And the base color isn’t so much a flashy silver but more like a whitish gray. Others might like the cool tone, but it’s not my favorite since it seems a bit dull. It would be fine if the holo was more apparent to grab center stage and steal the show of the nail color.

Sad thing is that it doesn’t. You have to look reeeeeeeeaally hard to see the holo effect on Milani HD nail color. It’s there, and you’ll notice it when you’re lucky and catch the right light. You won’t see a rainbow of colors as promised, mostly just blue/green and yellow/red.

It does offer a little bit of depth and interest to your nails, but not a lot. I was expecting a more intense holo! I mean, it is from the 3D Holographic collection, and it is called HD. It just doesn’t have the same ‘pop’ that I got from the other colors, so this really disappoints me.

  • Affordable
  • Great wear
  • Dries quickly
  • Free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP

  • Extremely sheer!
  • Hard to see holo
  • Base gray color is dull

Final Verdict: 6.1/10

I doubt I’d ever run out of HD nail lacquer by Milani because I don’t think I’ll be wearing it a lot. However, if I did, I will definitely not repurchase. Not my cup of tea.

Do you like this color more than I do? Think I’m completely nuts? Tell me – I don’t mind. Haha!


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