OPI Kitty White Swatches & Review (Layered Over OPI Super Cute in Pink)

OPI Kitty White Swatches Review

OPI Kitty White from the Hello Kitty Collection is a pearly white that sparkles in a similar way that snow does when the sunshine kisses it gently.

It’s ‘purrfect’ for a icy kittycure!

While it’s pretty, I couldn’t picture myself wearing it as a full manicure solo. That’s why I chose to layer it over Super Cute in Pink, which is from the same collection.

The result was a soft-yet-glam pink that seems very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Edit: In case you want to see what OPI Kitty White looks like solo, I’ve included a quick swatch of it without the layering later in this post.

OPI Kitty White Pictures

OPI Kitty White Review Swatch

Artificial Light

OPI Kitty White OPI Hello Kitty Collection Review

Natural Light

OPI Kitty White Review

Artificial Light

OPI Kitty White Pictures

Natural Light

OPI Kitty White OPI Hello Kitty Collection

OPI Hello Kitty Collection Nail Polishes

OPI Kitty White Swatches

All swatches have:

    • OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener – Maintenance version (Used as a base coat)
    • 3 coats of OPI Kitty White
    • 3 coats of OPI Super Cute in Pink (Provided by PR)
    • Rica Glossy Glam Top Coat

Artificial Light Photos

OPI Kitty White Swatches Review

OPI Kitty White Swatch

Kitty White OPI Hello Kitty Swatches

OPI Kitty White Swatch Review

Without layering, here’s what OPI Kitty White looks like. (By itself, it needs 3-4 coats for full coverage. I used 4 coats.)

OPI Kitty White Swatch Hello Kitty Collection

Natural Light Photos

OPI Kitty White Swatch Review Swatches

OPI Kitty White Swatch Swatches

OPI Kitty White Swatches Swatch

Kitty White by OPI Hello Kitty Swatch


  • Pearly white (Yes)

Key Notes

OPI Kitty White Review


Kitty White by OPI is a pearly white that’s fairy-like and soft. It’s sheer enough that you can use it for layering.

You can get closer to the bottle colour if you use several coats of this polish, however, as you see in my photos, I preferred to use this polish for layering.

It does a great job at lightening whatever coloured nail polish you’re wearing and giving it an ethereal feel that catches the light.


The finish is pearly, but it’s not like an old-fashioned frosty polish that shows brushstrokes. It goes on quite evenly, and it makes your manicure twinkle delicately.

As expected, the surface of my nails with this on felt smooth and not gritty.

Application & Formula

The formula was good, and I could easily spread it onto my nails without much effort. However, when using it for layering, keep in mind that if you apply a coat that is thicker in some spots, it can show unevenness. That’s because the thicker areas will appear whiter.

Also worth mentioning is that when you use it for layering, the edges of your nails may appear darker than the middle. It’ll be even more prominent if your nails are curvy. (My nails have a strong curve, so it’s very noticeable.) If you have flatter nails, this may not be an issue.


  • Sparkly, pearly white
  • Can be worn solo or layered over another polish to create an ethereal effect
  • Smooth formula & finish
  • The wrapper on the handle features a cute Hello Kitty print


  • Areas that collect more nail polish will appear whiter & if you have curvy nails, layering this will make the edges of your nails look darker than the middle

Final Verdict: 6/10

I’m not crazy about pearly white polishes in general, so this polish wasn’t my favourite in the fun OPI Hello Kitty Collection. There were definitely other colours that made my heart race more.

If you like a soft colour that can be used by itself for white and pearly nails with shimmer or if you enjoy transforming other base colours by layering this on top, you may appreciate it more.

Would you layer this polish or wear it solo? If you layered it, what would you wear it over? 


2 thoughts on “OPI Kitty White Swatches & Review (Layered Over OPI Super Cute in Pink)

  1. Melissa

    It’s a pretty color, but I have several polishes that are very similar to this one. I think I’ll have to pass, but I love how it looks the way you layered it over Super Cut in Pink.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      I understand. Out of all the colours in the Hello Kitty Collection, this wasn’t my favourite. So many other way cuter shades that were more my style!


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