Nail Art: Silver Swirl Konadicure Using MAC Jade Dragon, China Glaze Millennium & Konad Image Plate m63

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches KonadicureSome surprises aren’t welcome. Case in point: when I was in grade school, my mom once packed my lunch – it was sardines on top of spaghetti and melted processed cheese. Yuck!

Thankfully when I went on my latest rendezvous with Konad nail art, my surprise was a pleasant one. And it didn’t smell like fish. Or cheese.

I didn’t expect to fall in love with this Silver Swirl Konadicure featuring MAC Jade Dragon, China Glaze Millennium, and the Konad Image Plate m63. But, oh, I did!

Sure, it’s kinda tacky, but I dig it because it looks futuristic. Also, it brightened up MAC Jade Dragon.

What do you think about this Konadicure? Too messy? Too plain?

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches

All swatches have:

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches Konadicure

MAC Jade Dragon Konadicure Swatch

MAC Jade Dragon Konadicure Swatches

MAC Jade Dragon Swatch

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches

MAC Cosmetics Jade Dragon Swatches

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches

MAC Cosmetics Jade Dragon Swatch

Wondering what the polish looks like without the Konadicure? Check out my MAC Jade Dragon swatches here!

MAC Jade Dragon Picture

MAC Jade Dragon Polish SwatchesChina Glaze Millennium Picture

China Glaze Millennium Nail Polish

Konad Image Plate m63 Picture

Konad Image Plate m63

Konad Image Plate m63 Review (Swirl)

Full-nail patterns like this that aren’t symmetrical are ideal if you’re new to the addictive world of Konad nail stamping because you don’t have to be precise. Stamp the design on any ole way, and when you look at your fingers collectively, it’s harder to spot goof-ups.

The image was very easy to pick up – no problems getting it on my stamper or on my nail. And I didn’t try to position the pattern the same on each nail – I find that I like more variation when it comes to designs like this.

Key Notes

Konad Tutorial: Check out my Konad tutorial with step-by-step instructions & pictures!

What I Used to Create This Look:

Are you a fan of the swirl Konadicure, or do you prefer more symmetrical designs? Which is your favorite Konad image plate to use? Do you use Konad Special Nail Polishes or just regular polishes?


6 thoughts on “Nail Art: Silver Swirl Konadicure Using MAC Jade Dragon, China Glaze Millennium & Konad Image Plate m63

        1. Mary Post author

          Hey Kee,

          No problem. If you get your hands on them and use them for any future Konadicures, please share them with me. I’m always interested in seeing new designs.

  1. Ashley

    I tried to access your post about the Sinful Colors pamphlet, and I’m guessing you’ve taken it down for some legal reason or other. However, I would think that even a legal consultation would be beneficial in a situation like this. Good luck to you, and I totally understand if you have to remove this comment 🙂


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