Nail Art: Paisley Konadicure Using Rimmel Hit That & Konad Image Plate m60

Rimmel Flower Konadicure SwatchesI’m not normally a fan of paisley, but when it comes to anything nail-related, I’ll try anything. Sometimes I’m surprised by new things I end up digging .

This time I tried Rimmel Hit That (which I previously swatched and reviewed) and Konad Image Plate m60.

Here’s the result of the Paisley Konadicure – I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. Very ambivalent about it. Maybe in a different color it would be more exciting.

What do you think about the grayish purple-and-white combination? Have you used this image plate with another combination? Please share!

Rimmel Hit That Swatches

All swatches have:

Rimmel Flower Konadicure Swatches

Flower Konadicure Rimmel Hit That Swatches

Flower Konadicure Swatches

Rimmel London Hit That Swatches

Rimmel London Swatches


Wondering what it looks like without the Konadicure? Check out my Rimmel Hit That swatches here!

Konad Image Plate m60 Picture

Konad Image Plate m60

Konad Image Plate m60 Review (Paisley Print)

As with all the other Konad image plates I’ve tried, the paisley print in the Konad m60 Image Plate was easy to pick up, and it transferred well on the nail.

I think it’s a pretty pattern (if you like paisley) because there’s a lot going on, and it covers the nail very well.

Key Notes

Konad Tutorial: New to Konad? Check out my nail-art stamping tutorial with step-by-step written instructions & pictures!

What I Used to Create This Look:

Are you a fan of the paisley print? What Konadicure color combinations would you try?


4 thoughts on “Nail Art: Paisley Konadicure Using Rimmel Hit That & Konad Image Plate m60

  1. Nivedita

    This one is so lovely. It reminds me of something. It looks very Indian, I mean the design. During festive occasions, we do decorations with a liquidy paste of rice powder and call the decorations ‘alpana’ in Bengali. Its really looks like alpana
    Nivedita recently posted: Haul

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Nivedita,

      Never thought about it like that before, and I looked up alpana graphics – you’re totally right. I can see the similarities. Cool!

  2. Kat

    Hey, I have a greige collection and I really want this polish! Would you sell it to me? Contact me at the gmail address listed on my comment please. Thank you!


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