Milani One Coat Glitter Red Sparkle Review & Swatches

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Pssst. Can you keep a secret? I’ve never actually finished watching or reading The Wizard of Oz. I mean, I know how the story goes – sort of. I know the creatures Dorothy and Toto meet along the way. But I don’t know who’s missing a heart, a brain, a couple of fingers… OK, you may drop your jaw now.

What I do remember is the pair of ruby slippers Dorothy was wearing. When I saw Milani One Coat Glitter Red Sparkle, those slippers were the first thing I thought of! Having tried two other colors from the same collection, I was sure that Red Sparkle would twinkle brighter than those sequined ruby slippers!

Big sigh though. I wish I had worn a top coat with this color – it would’ve brought out the sparkles even more. I was lazy!

Milani One Coat Glitter Red Sparkle Swatches & Pictures

*~* 2 Coats Without Top Coat in Flash *~*

*~* 2 Coats Without Top Coat in Natural Light *~*

Top Coat on Index; None on Middle


    Full coverage
    Highly concentrated glitter colors
    Long-lasting chip-resistant formula
    X Easy application

Key Notes

Milani Red Sparkle Review


Milani Red Sparkle is a medium red with a very slight vampy feel. It’s really breathtaking, especially since I love red nail polishes! And this polish is glitter galore. Whenever I move my hands, all I see is glisten, glisten, glisten as the glitter catches the light. The glitter has the same red hue as the base color, but sparkly. My swatches don’t do the sparkles justice. 🙁

In the swatches, you can kind of see some silver near the cuticles. That’s not actually part of the nail-polish color. But when I was cleaning the edges with a cotton swab, the nail-polish remover took off some of the red, leaving a silvery color.


Holy G-R-I-T-T-Y. I expected this from Milani One-Coat Glitter Red Sparkle because I’ve tried Silver Dazzle and Purple Gleam already. But if this is your first, you might be yucked out by the gritty finish. Run your finger along your nail, and it’d feel like you’re touching cement. It’s not smooth at all! Of course, if you like texture, you might love it.

I chose not to wear a top coat with this because I would need at least 3 TC to get a smooth finish. The grittiness of this polish basically soaks up top coats, and I was too lazy. 😛 But I think the color is more gorgeous with a glossy finish. I wore a TC on the index finger for comparison purposes, and you can see that the sparkles glow from within. Oh, the regret!

Application & Consistency

Hm. For some reason, One Coat Glitter Red Sparkle by Milani is a bit harder to apply than the other two I’ve tried. I expected some blotchiness as with the other two, but it is more so with Red Sparkle. It is hard to get the polish to stay put, as the brush keeps sweeping the already-applied polish off the nail! It goes on more uneven than expected.


Again, had a bit of a negative surprise here. Red Sparkle isn’t completely opaque in one coat for me. After one application, the polish is still a bit see-through, just very slightly. That along with the slightly uneven application made me put on another layer. It’s not a 2-coater… but maybe a 1.5 coater?


Another reason why I regret not wearing a TC is because I noticed tip wear and slight chipping on Red Sparkle… the next day! 🙁

  • Dazzling color with pretty glitter
  • Dries fairly quickly
  • Free of DBP, toluene & formaldehyde
  • Can go on uneven
  • Not completely opaque with 1 coat
  • Gritty finish (would need multiple layers of top coat)
  • Doesn’t wear well without a top coat

Final Verdict: 8.3/10

“Hey! Look at me! I’m sparkly and glittery.” That’s exactly what your nails would be saying if they wore this color. I really like Milani Red Sparkle because it demands attention and gets it, even if the application was a little difficult.

For other polishes and makeup I purchased on my Cherry Culture mega haul, please see this post.

Does this color remind you of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, too? Would you still love a nail polish if application was less than you expected but the color is gorg?


4 thoughts on “Milani One Coat Glitter Red Sparkle Review & Swatches

    1. Fiona Post author

      Yeah, it’s seriously True Grit with this one! But the color’s sparkly and pretty… so it might be worth it!

      You guessed it: it took me a mountain pile of cotton balls to get it off. lol

    1. Fiona Post author

      If you love glitter and sparkle, you’ll love Milani One Coat Glitters. But only if you don’t mind slapping on lots and lots of TC! 😛


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