MAC Jade Dragon Swatches & Review

MAC Jade Dragon SwatchesWhen it comes to green nail polishes, my willpower goes soft like a jellyfish. (If you have self-restraint, more power to ya!)

Since I had never tried any MAC nail polishes before, I knew that my first had to be a green – MAC Jade Dragon.

But, Bruce Lee, I entered the dragon with great trepidation.

Although I had heard raves about MAC Jade Dragon, I had also heard many people complain about the MAC nail-polish formula’s lackluster performance.

Did the formula leave me breathing fire, or was it as easy to get along with as Falkor?

MAC Jade Dragon Pictures

MAC Jade Dragon Polish Swatches

MAC Jade Dragon Nail Polish Swatch

MAC Cosmetics Jade Dragon Nail Polish

MAC Jade Dragon Ingredients

MAC Jade Dragon Ingredients

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches

All swatches have:

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches


MAC Jade Dragon Swatch


MAC Jade Dragon Swatch


MAC Jade Dragon Nail Polish Swatches


MAC Cosmetics Jade Dragon Swatch

Artificial Light

MAC Cosmetics Jade Dragon Swatches

Artificial Light

MAC Jade Dragon Swatches


MAC Jade Dragon Swatch


MAC Jade Dragon Swatches

Artificial Light

Want to see what MAC Jade Dragon looks like with a Konadicure? Check out my silver swirl Konadicure swatches here!

Claims: OKAY

    No-streak & no-chip finish
    X High-gloss formula

Key Notes

  • Name: MAC Jade Dragon
  • Amount: 10 mL / 0.34 US Fl. Oz.
  • What I Paid: $17 CAD
  • Where to Buy: MAC US website, MAC CA website, MAC stores & MAC counters

MAC Jade Dragon Review


It’s a deep, rich green with oodles of light-reflecting micro shimmer. In the sunlight, it comes to life, but in low light, it looks near black. Since I’m not a fan of near-black colors, I was really disappointed. But every time the sun came out, I’d keep staring at my nails. If there ever was a nail-polish tease, MAC Cosmetics Jade Dragon is it.


The Jade Dragon nail polish applied perfectly. While it was on the thick side, it wasn’t goopy or hard to manipulate. And one coat covered the nail very well, but I added a second coat out of habit. (For some reason I always think that a polish will last better if I apply at least 2 coats.)


It didn’t dry with a high-gloss finish as claimed, but it also didn’t dry matte. MAC Jade Dragon polish landed somewhere in between, so I recommend using a shiny top coat.

Lasting Power

Normally I can get most nail polish to last for at least a week before chipping, but I didn’t expect MAC Jade Dragon to last for more than a couple of days – I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the formula’s chiptastic nature.

To my delight, this polish not only lasted a week, but it lasted for 2 weeks straight. The manicure mileage could’ve been longer, but I was getting bored with the color and took it off prematurely.


No matter how carefully you remove MAC Jade Dragon, it doesn’t go down without a fight – the green pigment stains your skin, and if you didn’t use a good base coat to protect your nails (which you always should!), you’ll be sorry.

My cuticles, the skin around my cuticles, and the entire tips of my fingers had a wash of green. I was really getting worried just thinking about how I could walk around in public with martian fingers. But after scrubbing my hands literally 10 times with soap and lathering like crazy, all of the green came off my skin.

I already hate removing nail polish, so the fact that MAC Jade Dragon was such a pain to remove will prevent me from reaching for it often. There are so many other lovely greens out there that come off much easier without any fuss.


I like the rubberized cap – reminds me of the texture of NARS nail-polish caps. It ensures that you get a better grip, and therefore you have good control when you apply the polish.

Now for a petty complaint: I hate the shape of the bottle. At first it just looks like a cylindrical bottle, but the base is actually narrower than the cap. Don’t know why this bugs me so much, but it does. I’d prefer if the base was the same width as the cap. It’s almost like the bottle is an illusion, making you think that there’s more product in it than there really is. (There’s only 10 mL, whereas the typical bottle of nail polish has 15 mL.)


If you like this color, go get it soon because it’s limited-edition and once it’s gone, it’s gone.


  • Wears like iron
  • Pretty color in sunlight
  • Rubberized cap allows for greater control
  • No toluene, formaldehyde, or DBP

  • Expensive
  • Stains skin (can be washed off, but you have to wash your hands lots of times)
  • Can look black indoors
  • Limited-edition color

Final Verdict: 6.5/10

MAC Jade Dragon nail lacquer is a very beautiful color in bright light, but joins the dark side in dim light. Formula’s spot-on, but the skin staining is a hassle I could live without.

Is skin staining a deal breaker for nail polish? What are your favorite MAC nail lacquers? What’s the longest that your manicure has ever lasted?


9 thoughts on “MAC Jade Dragon Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Amber,

      Isn’t it nice when you rediscover makeup you already own? Definitely makes the ole wallet breathe a sigh of relief. And more money saved means more money going towards other beauty products…hehehehe!

  1. Kee

    Ooohhh I hate staining. It bothers me so much!! I don’t own a MAC lacquer yet *gasp blasphemy* LoL!

    The longest a mani ever lasted on me these past 6 months is my Nubar Reclaim which I kept on for 6 whole days!!!! =)
    Kee recently posted: Giveaway entries

    1. Mary Post author

      I hear ya, Kee! Even if a color is really gorgeous, if it stains, I’ll probably not wear it as often as I’d like.

      Are you planning to buy any MAC nail polish?

      Jade Dragon was my first MAC polish and probably won’t be my last. I haven’t seen any of their polishes lately that I’ve wanted yet. (Thank goodness!) Although a while back, I really loved Blue India (it was a dusty blue). But I got hold of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Gray by Gray, which was close enough to Blue India for me (but not a dupe). Satisfied my craving.

      1. Kee

        I really don’t know Mary. The only one I was ever attracted to was Bad Fairy and even then, I wasn’t attracted enough to purchase it.

        Isn’t it awesome when you find a dupe or one close enough that’s considerably cheaper? =)

        1. Mary Post author

          I liked Bad Fairy, too, but never bought it because I thought OPI The Show Must Go On would be a dupe and I had ordered it. Turns out it wasn’t, and Bad Fairy sold out. I’m waiting for a MAC polish to wow me. So far, it’s just crickets.

  2. Nivedita

    The color is super-lovely no doubt and the staying power is such a deal. but one thing, is it really worthwhile to spend so much on a single shade if you like to change your nail color every week? I mean its something I wondered. No offense please One of my drugstore ones stayed put for a week without chipping
    Nivedita recently posted: Maybelline dream Mousse Bronzer

    1. Mary Post author

      If you really love the color and can’t find a decent dupe or something similar enough from a more affordable brand, I think it’s worth it. MAC Jade Dragon didn’t blow me away…especially because it stains skin and is a chore to remove. It’s overpriced for sure.


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