Everyday Minerals Volcano Blossom Eyeshadow Review & Swatches

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Retail therapy is my chosen form of relaxation. When I’m bored or sad, my plastic always suffers. It was one of those BLAH days, and I somehow – without any clue how I got there – ended up on the Everyday Minerals website and started bagging shadows that I’ve wanted for a while now…

It’s a good thing that the shadows are only $7 ($4.50 for the travel sizes). I got quite a few of those (among other things), without totally pulling the plug on my wallet. Everyday Minerals Volcano Blossom Eyeshadow was the first shadow I tried from my order. It’s basically a black shadow… but before you open your mouth to yawn, it also has a gorgeous shimmer that looks really pretty!

Everyday Minerals Volcano Blossom Eyeshadow Swatches & Pictures

From Everyday Minerals Website

From Everyday Minerals Website


    Super pigmented
    Vibrant color
    Ultra long lasting (only with a primer)

Key Notes

  • Amount: 0.09oz or 2.5g
  • What I Paid: $7 USD for MINI (TRAVEL size available for $4.50)
  • Price Per Unit: $77.78/oz or $2.8/g
  • Other Colors Available:
    • Matte: Bedtime, Bird House, Bundled Up, Dreaming Dandy, Driftwood, Love Letters, Movie Night, Rare Silk, Swing Set, Tide Pool, Wallaby, Wild Flowers, Parasail, Nutmeg, Monsoon, Everlasting Love
    • Sheen: Autumn Afternoon, Ballet Slippers, Bubble Tea, Butterfly Kisses, Comfy, Cypress, Good China, Hot Chocolate, In the Garden, Laptop, On the Phone, Room Addition, Scented Candles, Shopping Spree, Starlit, Late Checkout, Cardamon, Free Wheelin’ Denim, Marvel Denim Universe, Hipster Hippo, Sea Horse, Taj Mahal, Lip Lock, Mall Punk, Heart 2 Shop, Prettier in Pink, Ado to You, Smokey Pink
    • Shimmer: Anna Karenina, Boardwalk, Chamomile, Diary, Floating Feathers, Funnel Cake, Ginger Peach, Jane Eyre, Mystic Night, Net Surfing, Oasis, Pressed Olive, Romance Novel, Samba Lessons, Starry Eyed, Well Being, Wine Tasting, Kayak, Wood Sorrel, Queen Anne’s Lace, All Spice, Juniper, Vintage Denim, At the Zoo, Rock Anthem, Little Black Dress, Wish You Were Here, Art Girl, Passion Passport, Bronze Medal
  • Where to Buy: Everyday Minerals website

Everyday Minerals Volcano Blossom Review


I think this shadow is very appropriately named. The shade is a deep black that looks almost like volcanic ash, while the golden shimmer glistens with life like a bloom. It’s not jet black though, so it’s incredibly easy if you want to create a smoky eye look.

I don’t know why the shadow on the site looks like a mossy green. Even in real life, the shadow looks like there’s a slight green undertone to it, but I think it’s from the gold shimmer.


Holy smokes. Talk about great color payoff. You seriously don’t need a lot of shadow to get the color you see in the swatches. I’d turn the pot upside down to let the shadow seep through the holes. And really, I use the light sprinkle that’s left on the lid – that’s how pigmented this shadow flippin’ is! I really don’t know if I would ever finish my pot because I use so little each time. Ahh-mazing.


Most of the time I think mineral shadows are hard to apply. They seem to go on blotchy for me, or they don’t stick to my lids as easily as I want them to. However, this shadow applies smoothly and evenly, even without a primer on. Quite a shocker! Still, pat it on the lid first before gently using a sweeping motion to help avoid fallout.


Now. I would still suggest wearing a primer underneath though. That’s because without one, this Everyday Minerals shadow will fade. It will crease. And it will melt. Three huge no-nos! But if you smooth this on top of a good primer, then it won’t budge for the entire day. So make sure to prime your eyes, ladies and gents!


Easy peasy. On the site, it even suggests using your fingertips. You can if you want, but I like brushes because I get better precision. It’s up to you. Since the color already has a smoky feel to it, blending out the edges will make it even sexier. And when you throw in the golden shimmer into the mix, it’s like whoa!


It’s more than just a shadow, people! I’ve used it as a liner, which is easy to apply. You can line it with either a wet brush or a dry one – yes, even a dry brush works! But again, make sure you prime your lids or the shadow will come off. You don’t want raccoon eyes!


  • Incredibly pigmented
  • Can be worn as shadow & liner
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Few ingredients

  • Fades & creases when worn without a primer

Final Verdict: 8.9/10

Even though it’s not a completely unique color, Volcano Blossom still makes its way into my makeup looks very frequently. I think it complements my eyes very well!

Have you tried other Everyday Mineral eyeshadows? Which color is your fave?


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    1. Fiona Post author

      I do like Everyday Minerals, but I find they don’t stay on very well… But it’s not a huge issue if you have a good primer on hand! Have you ever tried this brand?


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