Everyday Minerals Free Wheelin’ Denim Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

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I am in a crazy blue-shadow phase right now. It’s currently my go-to shade whenever I want to feel hot. Whether it’s dark or light, shimmery or matte, cream or powder, I can’t seem to stay away. I’m glad I found my happy shade – every girl deserves one! 🙂 Do you have a color that makes you feel beautiful?

One of my current favorite hues to wear is Everyday Minerals Free Wheelin’ Denim Eye Shadow. The blue really does look like the color of your beloved jeans! But while j’adore this color, I’m not really into the product as a whole…

Everyday Minerals Free Wheelin’ Denim Eye Shadow Swatches & Pictures

Taken from the Everyday Minerals website

Claims: OK

    X Super pigmented
    Rich color
    Ultra long lasting (only with a primer)

Key Notes

  • Name: Everyday Minerals Free Wheelin’ Denim Eye Shadow
  • Amount: 0.09oz or 2.5g
  • What I Paid: $7 USD for MINI (TRAVEL size available for $4.50)
  • Price Per Unit: $77.78/oz or $2.8/g
  • Other Colors Available:
    • Matte: Bedtime, Bird House, Bundled Up, Dreaming Dandy, Driftwood, Love Letters, Movie Night, Rare Silk, Swing Set, Tide Pool, Wallaby, Wild Flowers, Parasail, Nutmeg, Monsoon, Everylasting Love
    • Pearl: Autumn Afternoon, Ballet Slippers, Bubble Tea, Butterfly Kisses, Comfy, Cypress, Good China, Hot Chocolate, In the Garden, Laptop, On the Phone, Room Addition, Scented Candles, Shopping Spree, Starlit, Late Checkout, Cardamon, Free Wheelin’ Denim, Marvel Denim Universe, Hipster Hippo, Sea Horse, Taj Mahal, Lip Lock, Mall Punk, Heart 2 Shop, Prettier in Pink, Ado to You, Smokey Pink
    • Shimmer: Anna Karenina, Boardwalk, Chamomile, Diary, Floating Feathers, Funnel Cake, Ginger Peach, Jane Eyre, Mystic Night, Net Surfing, Oasis, Pressed Olive, Romance Novel, Samba Lessons, Starry Eyed, Well Being, Wine Tasting, Kayak, Wood Sorrel, Queen Anne’s Lace, All Spice, Juniper, Vintage Denim, At the Zoo, Rock Anthem, Little Black Dress, Wish You Were Here, Art Girl, Passion Passport, Bronze Medal, Volcano Blossom
  • Where to Buy: Everyday Minerals website

Everyday Minerals Free Wheelin’ Denim Review

Color & Finish

I find Everyday Minerals Free Wheelin’ Denim to be a very noble blue. In terms of denim, I’d say they’re more like a pair of sophisticated dark-washed jeans. But no worries – there’s some funkiness to them. And I’m not talking about rips and frayed edges that skyrocket the price of jeans that look pre-worn. There’s a slight sheen to this shadow for some extra oomph!

It reminds me a teeny-tiny bit of another shadow I’ve reviewed before: Milani Blue Lagoon. Milani’s blue is more vibrant with the shimmer more apparent. I like having both these colors in my makeup arsenal, but if I had to choose, I’d go with the Milani one.

It’s cheaper, and I recently found out that Everyday Minerals’ courier choice charges CODs on top of the shipping fees. I don’t think it’s EM’s fault since it’s the courier company’s decision, but the order ended up costing more than I had anticipated. I’m not sure if it’s for Canadian orders only. Let us know if you’ve placed a US order from EM and did/didn’t receive the same treatment.


Warning: Primer is not optional. Worn on its own, Everyday Minerals Free Wheeling Denim will crease and fade on you. Not all primers work, either. I’ve tried it on UDPP Eden and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and I was incredibly surprised to find that it fades and creases on Eden like I wasn’t wearing a primer at all. On Too Faced, it stayed put all day until I took off my makeup at night.

Color Payoff

As you can see in the swatches, Everyday Minerals Free Wheeling Denim Eye Shadow is not at all pigmented. Very surprised at this since all other EM products I’ve tried have been crazy pigmented as heck. You really need a primer in order to bring out the true shining blue of this color. Otherwise, you get a sort of muddy blue that’s less than impressive.


Everyday Minerals Free Wheelin’ Denim Eyeshadow is very fine, and it basically smoothes over the skin on the eyelids like a thin veil of blue.


This is a pretty blue color that I would definitely not hesitate to wear as a liner. The shimmery finish adds the right amount of twinkle to the eye! I’d apply it wet on top of a primer to intensify the shade and increase its staying power though.

  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Few ingredients
  • Pretty shade
  • Can be worn as a liner

  • Not pigmented
  • Need the right primer to avoid creasing & fading

Final Verdict: 6.9/10

The color is definitely the redeeming factor, and the fact that I’m in love with blues probably helps it along. But if I were to judge this product purely based on performance, it would receive a fail (and detention) from me.

What are your thoughts on this shade? Do you think a pretty color is enough to like a product that doesn’t perform that well?


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