Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches & Review

Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches Review

Spring for a new nail polish!

While the mercury drops and the snow accumulates here in Toronto, how does this Canadian choose to warm up? Not with a scarf, a homemade knitted hat, or cozy cashmere gloves, but with nail polish, of course! That’s beauty blogger logic for ya. 😉

Launching worldwide on February 21, 2017, the Essie Spring 2017 Collection may help you forget the cold and make you think months ahead.

The Essie Spring 2017 Collection landed at Swatch And Learn headquarters yesterday, and the moment I locked eyes with each of the six shades, it began an undeniable spring fling!

  • On the Roadie is a green that makes my heart race towards the checkered flags and secure first place.
  • Blue goes all the way with All the Wave, a royal indigo that’s a crowning glory.
  • Designated DJ will take you for a spin or a midnight stroll on the wild side.
  • Dive into the deep end of the pink spectrum with B’aha Moment!, and leave nails exclaiming, “Eureka!”
  • No pardons or apologies are necessary with a stunning soft coral mango shade like Excuse Me, Sur!
  • Finally, we have the sixth shade in the collection, Backseat Besties, which will be a frontrunner for those who are BFFs with pink.

Overall, the collection offers a variety of colours that will appease those who enjoy statement nails and delicate manicures alike.

I used two coats of colour for all of my swatches (except for Excuse Me, Sur and Backseat Besties, where I used three coats).

The two coaters provided excellent, full opacity with a creamy formula that was easy to apply. The three coaters had a slightly milky consistency, so to cover up streakiness, that third coat was needed.

There are six shades in the Essie Spring 2017 Collection:

  • On the Roadie
  • Excuse Me, Sur
  • Backseat Besties
  • B’aha Moment!
  • Designated DJ
  • All the Wave

Essie Spring 2017 Pictures

Essie Spring 2017 Collection

Essie Spring Collection 2017

Essie Spring 2017 Swatches

On the Roadie

Essie On the Roadie Swatch Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches

Essie On the Roadie

Excuse Me, Sur

Essie Excuse Me Sur Swatch Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches

Essie Excuse Me, Sur

Backseat Besties

Essie Backseat Besties Swatch Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches

Essie Backseat Besties

B’aha Moment!

Essie Baha Moment Swatch Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches

Essie B’aha Moment!

Designated DJ

Essie Designated DJ Swatch Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches

Essie Designated DJ

All the Wave

Essie All the Wave Swatch Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches

Essie All the Wave

Essie Spring 2017 Press Release

Cruise Down the Coast on a Colourful Essie Adventure

Grab your backseat besties and hit the road with the new Essie Spring 2017 Collection

Don’t think. Just get in the car and drive. Go with your most colourful instincts and take a spur-of-the moment trip down the coast. The Essie Spring 2017 Collection is inspired by sun-filled beach days and spectacular sunsets shared with some best friends on a “don’t stop till you hit the border” road trip. Sparked by a fuchsia B’aha Moment! and fueled by the perfect plum playlist a la the Designated DJ, the ride of your life just won’t stop – except maybe for a cutie in the car next to you. “Excuse Me, Sur…

This on-trend seasonal collection features six saturated cremes that create the perfect mood for a springtime filled with fashionable adventures. They’re all about freedom and impromptu scenic adventures with the best of friends.

Essie Global Colour Designer Rebecca Minkoff helped to inspire this landscape of colours – the sapphire waves, the sandy shores and the brilliant, creamy pink sunsets over the cactus-filled desert – with Baja, California in mind. “The vivid colours of Baja provide the perfect palette for Spring. Baja’s warm and inviting hues evoke an idyllic backdrop for a road trip with your best friends, with lots of photos and memories along the way,” Minkoff said of the collection

The Spring 2017 Collection offers stunning, vivid colour, the vibrant green avocado of On the Roadie drives ’em wild, every time. Backseat Besties can’t help but laugh out loud when they get punchy in guava pink. Azure sapphire is All the Wave, making a splash in an oceanic hue of blue that’s the perfect way to express yourself in signature Essie chic.

Free-spirited adventure is yours for the taking, so grab your girls and hit your favourite route – this colourful Essie road trip is calling your name.

  • On the Roadie – Vibrant kelly green
  • Excuse Me, Sur – Sun-kissed coral mango
  • Backseat Besties – Delicate pink plumeria
  • B’aha Moment! – Enlightening pink pomegranate
  • All the Wave – Sapphired indigo

Essie Spring 2017 Collection will be available in salons and retailers worldwide starting February 21, 2017 for $9.99 each.

Disclosure: This post contains press samples provided by PR.

Which colour is whispering sweet nothings to you? What’s your favourite way to escape the cold?


14 thoughts on “Essie Spring 2017 Collection Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa Clemons

    All bright colors and so deep too! Your nails look gorgeous as always! Can’t wait to get ahold of the green polish- so pretty!

  2. Raabh

    It’s funny to read that you’re freezing in Canada beacuse I’m melting here in the Brazilian summer, lol!

    The colors are realy beautiful, especially Excuse me, Sur, All the Wave and On the Roadie, although I wonder how the latter compares to Ruffles and Feathers. They seem pretty mucha alike to me.
    Lovely swatches!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Raabh!

      My body loves the heat more than the cold, even though I was born and raised in Canada. 🙂

      Funny thing: shortly after I wrote that blog post, the temperature warmed up a little, so the snow melted quickly and the winds weren’t as chilling. (Maybe I should complain more about the cold weather to get Mother Nature to change. Hehehehe!) 😉

      Ruffles and Feathers: That would be an interesting comparison. Hmm…I may have a bottle of it around here somewhere. Not sure if I gifted it to a friend, though, years ago.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Valentina!

      Me, too. I’m still in love with textures, even if the trend isn’t so hot these days. It’s a fun novelty in between the usual shiny types.

      For textures, check out the Zoya Enchanted Collection. They are awesome!

  3. Ashley T.

    On the Roadie is just WOW. So vibrant and intense! I like that Essie has chosen some bolder colors for spring, the collection as a whole looks so fun together.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey lemonberryblog!

      Yes, the shine on all of these is wonderful! Plus with a shiny top coat, it brings it up to another level. 🙂

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! 🙂 Hope that you have a wonderful day!


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