Essie at New York Fashion Week: Days 1 & 2

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 2Praying for nail inspiration? 😉

I find it very interesting to see nail polish in action, complementing a designer’s clothing style, and I hope that you will enjoy this post highlighting Essie at New York Fashion Week: Days 1 & 2!

You’ll see looks for Spring/Summer 2016 by the following designers: Wes Gordon, Sally LaPointe, and Rebecca Minkoff. (The colours used are listed, in case you want to recreate the manicures.)

All the nail creations at the Wes Gordon and Sally LaPointe shows were designed by Rita Remark, Essie’s new Global Lead Educator.

The nail art from the Rebecca Minkoff show was done by Michelle Saunders.

All the photos and information are courtesy of Essie.

Wes Gordon

At Wes Gordon, Essie’s newly appointed Global Lead Educator, Rita Remark crafted a textured geometric look with the new In the Lobby and Devil’s Advocate combined with the award-winning topcoat, Matte About You.

Wes Gordon SS16 NYFW Essie

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 2

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 3

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 4

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 5

Hey look! It’s Rita Remark! 🙂

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 6

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 7

Wes Gordon NYFW Essie 8

Sally LaPointe

Sally LaPointe’s take on a classic nude offered a metallic twist with Sand Tropez and Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low also crafted by Global Lead educator, Rita Remark.

Sally LaPointe SS16 Essie

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 2

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 3

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 4

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 5

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 6

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 7

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 8

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 9

Sally LaPoint NYFW Essie 10

Rebecca Minkoff

Here’s the look that strutted down the runway of Essie’s Global Colour Designer, Rebecca Minkoff. You can view the full show at The look features Tart Deco, Marshmallow, Beach Bum Blu, Midnight Cami and Spaghetti Strap applied with a sponge technique to create a summery sunset ombré.

Rebecca Minkoff SS16 NYFW Essie

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 2

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 3

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 4

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 6

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 7

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 8

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 9

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Essie 5

Which is your favourite nail design in this post? Have you been following New York Fashion Week? What are some Spring/Summer 2016 trends you’ve seen in this post that you dig?


4 thoughts on “Essie at New York Fashion Week: Days 1 & 2

  1. Melissa

    All very nice looks, but I’m crazy about the last one. How did they layer the colors like that? With a sponge and gradient I would imagine. These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Right? It’s such a fun look, and you can customize it to your liking by simply tweaking the shades. 🙂 You could probably do the same technique to create a softer version of candy-corn nails with a gradient.

  2. Mary N

    Even tho I love everything about makeup (lookng, buying and applying), I’m digging the minimalist makeup on the models. I like how they matched the nails with the outfits so perfectly. The first girl’s outfit/nail combo is my fave — the plaid with lace detailing, sigh… so adorable! Not a look I could pull off, but you probably could, Mary (and no, I’m not crazy and talking to myself in a mirror, haha!) 😀

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Mary!

      Hahahahaha – I know what you mean! I don’t come across too many Marys, but whenever I talk to one and say her name, it always sounds funny to me because it almost sounds like I’m talking to myself. 😉


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