Crown Luna BK9 Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush Review & Pictures

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At IMATS last year, the Crown Brush booth was one of the most swarmed scenes. There was a woman who literally tried to elbow me outta the way!  (Sorry, Lady, but you can’t get me away from anything makeup related that easily.)

There was also this guy who went around the booth at least 3 times, stocking up a basket full of his best picks. Sigh. I wish I did that! I only came away with a few brushes (and my limbs still attached). I really liked the foundation brush I got, but unfortunately, I can’t find it on the Crown Brush website to order more. I did, however, land on the Crown Luna BK9 Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush. Boy, I’m so glad I did!

Crown Luna BK9 Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush Pictures & Photos


    Defined application of products
    Flawless finish

Key Notes

Crown Luna BK09 Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush Review

The Crown Luna BK09 Deluxe Oval Foundation Brush has practically made all my other foundation brushes obsolete. I even like it more than the original Crown foundation brush I got from IMATS!

Initially I thought I made a huge mistake purchasing two Crown Luna Deluxe Oval Foundation Brushes. The bristles are much more flexible than what I’m used to in a foundation brush. Also it’s much fluffier. But after trying it on my face, I’m lovin’ it (with the McDonald’s tune)!

Why? I don’t ever see any streaks when using the Crown Luna taklon foundation brush – ever. Regardless of how I apply my makeup – quick and short strokes or all-over application – it ends up looking flawless every time. I am going to attribute that to the fluffy brush head. It almost acts as a buffer brush to blend everything out evenly and smoothly.

And because I achieve a flawless complexion easier with the Crown Luna foundation brush, I end up using wayyy less product. On the Crown UK website, it states that this brush is for liquid foundation, but it spreads my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation so easily all over my face.

The only issue I’ve experienced is that it’s kind of hard to pick up the Maybelline foundation because the foundation has a tendency to crumble sometimes. With the brush, it crumbles even more. I sort of have to stab the brush into the pot (instead of using a sweeping motion) to pick up the foundation. But this is very specific to using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. I’ve tried using the Crown foundation brush with powder, and it works well!

I haven’t experienced any bristle loss yet on either of the brushes I got. However, I do see 1 or 2 bristles sticking out higher than the rest like they’re about to come off. In any case, shedding is too minimal to be of concern.

The entire brush comes in at a decent length, measuring approximately 7″. It has enough weight to it that it feels good in the hand and not flimsy at all. It looks super sleek, too, with its birchwood handle and ferrule, both finished with a high-gloss black. The only thing I would change is the brush head itself – I would make it ever so slightly smaller, but I’m really just being picky. I love this brush!


  • Affordable
  • Streakless application
  • Good bristle density
  • Soft bristles
  • Easy to wash & use
  • Great quality

  • Brush head a little big & slightly too fluffy

Final Verdict: 9.8/10

My experience with Crown Brush has been a great one so far, and the streak continues with this foundation brush!

What are your thoughts about Crown Brush? Share your experience!


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