Blog News: My Nails & Review Featured on Zoya’s Blog

Yesterday I found out something pretty cool! Zoya featured me on their official blog and even directly quoted my review about their lovely polish, Daul! 🙂 What a lovely surprise!

If you’d like to see my Zoya Daul swatches and review, click the link. If you want to see the article on Zoya’s blog, click here or on the below screenshot.

Swatch And Learn Featured on Zoya Nail Polish BlogZoya-Blog-Swatch-And-Learn

The article is a bit fuzzy at that size, so I included a larger version of it:

Swatch And Learn Featured on Zoya Official Nail Polish Blog

Edit: Haha, only now did I realize a typo in the first sentence, so I edited my original Daul review. Oopsie!

Support from my amazing readers and from companies that I believe in really make my day. I’m so thankful and extremely flattered! 🙂

P.S. Yesterday I posted press releases, and today is ‘blog news’ day. Tomorrow I’ll try really hard to get up a review about a limited-edition nail polish that I bought very recently. 😉


24 thoughts on “Blog News: My Nails & Review Featured on Zoya’s Blog

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Rebecca C!

      Thanks! It feels good knowing that Zoya is in touch with their fans and what their fans are saying about their products.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey lawren!

      Hahahaha! Don’t worry…world domination isn’t on my To-Do List. (I must perfect my evil-villain laugh and find a secret lair first.) 😛

  1. MC

    Congratulations! Your blog is my favourite, not just because of your swatches, but because of your adorable narratives. It’s nice to see that when you’re passionate, even about something as kooky as nail polish, you can get the recognition you deserve 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey MC!

      Wow, really? THANKS! *Puffs out chest and struts around like a peacock for a while before feeling slightly silly* Seriously, I am honoured. There are tons of incredible beauty blogs (and bloggers) out there, so I’m taking what you said as a HUGE compliment! Thanks for making me grin from ear to ear. My face hurts!

      Readers help make any blog what it is. 🙂

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey maria emma!

      That’s so awesome! Yes, I bet you were realllly elated! 🙂 It’s always an honour, and I’m glad to hear they recognized YOU as well!


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