World MasterCard Fashion Week Recap: Day 1 (Mikhael Kale)

Mikhael Kale WMCFW 2015 ShowHere’s my second blog post for today – a fun recap! 🙂

Yesterday at David Pecaut Square in Toronto, fierce models were strutting their stuff in the upcoming Mikhael Kale Fall/Winter 2015 fashion featuring dresses with intricate beading, retro-circle mod themes, and lots of textures for Day 1 of World MasterCard Fashion Week!

In this show, he sought inspiration from eras with memorable looks: the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

Mikhael Kale started his own label in 2007 and has been featured in numerous prestigious publications including The New York Times Style Magazine, Nylon, and Wallpaper. He has also dressed A-list celebrities such as Beyonce and JLo!

The creative philosophy behind Mikhael Kale fashion is that garments move and breathe, acting like an extension of the person who wears the clothes. They flatter the body’s silhouette and express its strength and delicate nature.

Grace Lee is Maybelline’s Lead Makeup Artist, and she whipped up a fun look that incorporated a fun and unexpected bright pop of colour.

She gave the inner corner of the eye that “Wow Factor” by using an everyday product in a novel way. Grace Lee used a lipstick to create that brilliant orange that graced each model that walked the runway.

First, she started with a smoky eye using Eye Studio Color Molten Eyeshadow Duo in Midnight Morph and Eye Studio 24hr Color Tattoo in Barely Branded for a neutral tone.

Lashes were coated with Lash Sensational Mascara for a dramatic effect, and brows were shaped using Eye Studio Brow Drama (the clear version).

To add that punch of colour to the inner corner of the eyes, Grace Lee used Color Sensational Vivids Lip Color in Electric Orange. This created an unforgettable, head-turning look!

Since the orange accent was the focal point, she kept the lips simple and fresh with Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color in Nude Lust.

On the face, she used Face Studio Master Prime to create a wonderful glow, followed by the Fit Me! Foundation Stick and Fit Me! Powder. Then, she highlighted skin with Baby Lips in Quenched and Eye Studio 24hr Color Tattoo in Barely Branded.

Mikhael Kale WMCFW Day 1 2015

On nails, Rita Remark, Essie Canada’s Lead Nail Artist used Sand Tropez and Blanc.

Rita Remark said, “I sought to redefine the typical ‘nude’, utilizing neutral polish colours to make a statement nail look. The result is versatile, yet strikingly unique at the same time.”

Mikhael Kale WMCFW 2015 Essie

Check out the rest of this post for tons of photos of the Mikhael Kale fashion, as well as the makeup and nail looks!

Mikhael Kale Essie Rita Remark WMCFW 2015

Look at the pretty Essie nail polishes in the back!

Essie Mikhael Kale

Mikhael Kale 2015 Nails

Mikhael Kale Essie Nails

Mikhael Kale WMCFW 2015 Show

Mikhael Kale Fashion 2015

Mikhael Kale Fashion

Mikhael Kale Clothing

Mikhael Kale Dresses

Fashion Mikhael Kale 2015

Model Having Fun

The models at the show also had a playful side!

Mikhael Kale World MasterCard Fashion Week 15

I love how this classic silhouette gets bedazzled in beads with intricate detailing that makes this piece one-of-a-kind!

Pop of Colour Mikhael Kale

Rita Remark Mikhael Kale 2015

Mikhael Kale WCMFW 2015

Those cut-outs are seductive!

Mikhael Kale 2015

This is my favourite Mikhael Kale dress because it incorporates the mod-circle theme, intricate beading, and bright colours. It’s unique, classy, but still original and interesting.

Maybelline Mikhael Kale WCMFW 2015 Day 1

Mikhael Kale WMCFW 2015

Mikhael K WMCFW 2015 March

Mikhael Kale WCMFW 2015 Day 1 Maybelline

Mikhael Kale 2015 WMCFW Models

Models chit-chatting! 🙂

Mikhael Kale World MasterCard Fashion Week 2015

Mikhael Kale 2015 WMCFW

Mikhael K WMCFW 2015

Mikhael Kale Maybelline WCMFW 2015 Day 1

Can’t forget to include a photo of all the Maybelline makeup backstage! Talk about dreamy! 😉

Essie nail polish backstage!

Essie nail polish backstage!

Mikhael Kale Grace Lee WMCFW 2015

Grace Lee and Mikhael Kale

Mikhael Kale WMCFW 2015 Grace Lee

Here's Rita Remark!

Here’s Rita Remark!

Grace Lee for Mikhael Kale WMCFW 2015

Grace Lee showing her playful side!

Which is your favourite fashion look from the Mikhael Kale World MasterCard Fashion Week 2015 show? If you could ask Grace Lee or Rita Remark anything, what would you ask? Would you try this daring pop of orange in your inner corner? Do you dig the manicures?


8 thoughts on “World MasterCard Fashion Week Recap: Day 1 (Mikhael Kale)

  1. Robbie

    look like you had a great time Mary. The outfits are you know a bit futuristic but that’s how every fashion show is they put out the new stuff very very early. The nail polish looks great. Look like you had an awesome time. I love to check one out some day. Great review.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Robbie!

      I went to the World MasterCard Fashion Week later on, and it was such an incredible experience, seeing the frenzy of the hairstylists, makeup artists, and nail artists working during what’s called the Quick Change! 🙂 I may blog about it later. We’ll see! So many posts on my to-do list!

  2. Sasha

    This looks like it was so much fun! I love fashion and makeup always work together so it will be interesting to see what colors will come out in fall/winter (not like I want it to happen anytime soon).

  3. Karyn kirke

    I kinda really love the Orange/coral corners in the eyes. I don’t think
    I could pull off orange, but I would totally try that with a different bright color!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Karyn Kirke!

      It’s such an unexpected pop of colour. I don’t think I could pull it off, either, but only because I wear glasses, and the accent colour of my frames has red. If I used orange on my eyes, it might look a bit ‘off’. But I can still admire the look! 🙂


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