Topshop Late Show Swatches & Review

Topshop Late Show Swatches & ReviewDoes this nail polish look familiar to you?

Topshop Late Show¬†is one of the colours I used in a skittle manicure for some Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens nail art. ūüėČ (I also did a look for the San Francisco 49ers.)

I wore it solo because I fell in love with how creamy it was and how effortless the colour was to apply.

Still can’t believe that there aren’t more people raving about Topshop nail polish! So far, all the ones I’ve tried have been major wins!

Topshop Late Show Pictures

Topshop Late Show

Natural Light




Natural Light



Late Show by Topshop Nail Polish

Topshop Late Show Swatches

All swatches have:

Natural Light Photos

Topshop Late Show Swatches & Review

Topshop Late Show Swatch

Late Show Topshop Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Topshop Late Show Review & Swatch

Topshop Late Show Swatch & Review

Topshop Late Show Swatches

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Topshop Late Show Swatch & Review

Topshop Late Show Swatches





Key Notes

  • Name:¬†Topshop Late Show
  • Amount:¬†8 mL (0.27 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid:¬†Nothing! (This was provided by PR. Retails for $10 USD.)
  • Where to Buy:¬†Topshop stores & Topshop website

Topshop Late Show Review


Late Show by Topshop is a gorgeous grape purple that reminds me a lot of the colour of Grimace, the character from McDonaldland when I was a kid.

I adore how creamy this purple is. It doesn’t look flat – there’s life to it, and I find this colour to be very comforting for some reason.


Late Show by Topshop has a creme finish, and it looks shiny even before you apply a top coat. That’s always nice, right?

The simple finish makes this wonderful to wear alone or as a base for nail art. I can see lots of fun nail stamping done on top of this!

Application & Formula

Application was a dream because the formula is creamy! I got full opacity with just 2 coats, and I didn’t feel the need to apply a 3rd.

This polish is flawless! There’s no struggling to get it to look even. There’s no premature tip wear. And there’s no need to apply tons and tons of coats just to cover your nail.


  • Grimace purple (hehe!)
  • Creamy pigmentation
  • Effortless to apply

  • Expensive considering the small bottle
  • Could be tricky to track down if you don’t have a Topshop near you & you don’t want to order online

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Despite the high price tag, I gave this polish a near-perfect score. Sure, it’s not the most original colour, but does every polish have to be completely mind blowing?

The formula and application are pure perfection, and the simple colour is extremely versatile and would work well on many different skin tones. Topshop has made a real winner here, and I think that if they dropped the price, more people could enjoy this quality nail polish!

Have you ever paid extra for a nail polish simply because it had a better formula? Or would you rather put in more effort with a cheaper polish to save money?


10 thoughts on “Topshop Late Show Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey POW Nails!

      Yeah, if only the price tag were lower, Topshop’s polishes would be a huge hit!

      Do you know which shade you’re going to get? Or are you just going to browse and then choose the one that moves you the most?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey lovenailpolish!

      I have never seen any Topshop nail polishes here in Canada yet (or in the US), unfortunately. (If any readers have, please reply to this comment to let us all know where you spotted it!)

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Olivia!

      When I used it first in a Super Bowl manicure, hehe, I just had to wear it again. I was so impressed by the quality!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lizzy!

      Topshop is more popular for their fashion, I think. Although I’ve never bought any of their clothes before. (They have some Topshop clothes at The Bay here.)


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