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Trade Secrets Announces 7th Annual Give & Take Appliance Trade-in Event Benefitting Local Women’s Shelters Press Release

Trade Secrets Give & Take Event smallerThere’s something new on Swatch And Learn!

Normally, I don’t post press releases about store events, but this one is for such a good cause that I felt compelled to help spread the word.

Until September 27, Trade Secrets is having a Give & Take Appliance Trade-in Event Benefitting Local Women’s Shelters!

If you drop off your gently-used hair appliance to Trade Secrets, you’ll be rewarded with 50% off (up to $150 off) select haircare models.

But the discount isn’t even the best part.

Trade Secrets will donate those gently-used hair appliances to shelters across Canada that support women and their children who are escaping violence! (They’ve been holding this event since 2007, and they’ve donated over 30,000 gently-used hair appliances!)

I am always heartbroken when I hear of domestic violence against women. Their struggles and touching stories inspire me, but they also make me tear up because some of the things we take for granted (like happiness and living a comfortable life) are a dream for some.

Some women literally have to leave everything behind in order to escape abuse, and not all of them have social support or financial stability.

It’s a testament to their inner strength that they’re able to push on and fight to survive on a day-to-day basis.

Please continue reading the rest of this post for the official press release sent to me by Trade Secrets about this noble event they’re running.

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