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April 2012 Topbox Review & Pictures

April 2012 Topbox Review & PicturesTo celebrate Earth Day, the April 2012 Topbox looks different. Instead of the usual patterned label covering the tube, this time they’ve printed directly onto the tube with various images including an eye-shadow palette, a pair of scissors, brushes, and more.

Actually, I like this design a lot better, plus I think that Topbox is smart for giving subscribers the option to continue receiving this packaging after April. It cuts down their overhead costs, but it expands the creative possibilities for their future tube designs.

However, it’s also about what’s inside that counts, right? 😉 So what did I think of the contents? Find out!

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March 2012 Topbox Review & Pictures

March 2012 Topbox Review & PicturesThe March 2012 Topbox is the 3rd month I’ve tried, and while I do like the products I’ve received, I still feel like it’s overshadowed by the November 2011 edition. (They had a full-size Deborah Lippmann polish and also a full-size Cake Beauty hand cream!)

In my March Topbox, there was a good variety of items to test out, and this time I’ll be able to use everything.

I was particularly pleased to see that there was some nail polish and also a Make Up For Ever product.

I much prefer the March Topbox to the February Topbox!

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February 2012 Topbox Review & Pictures

February Topbox Review & PicturesAfter receiving a complimentary Topbox back in November with a full-size Deborah Lippmann nail polish that made me squeal more than Wilbur at the thought of bacon, I had to sign up for the service!

The February 2012 Topbox arrived a few days ago, and when I saw the cylindrical container, my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited to see what top products were waiting for me this time.

Are you curious, too?

I took the February Topbox aside and asked if it would be brave enough to bare it all for my readers. At first, it seemed reluctant, but then when I brought the camera out, it was full-on supermodel diva mode! Heck, it was even ‘smeyesing’ as Tyra Banks would say.

Despite all the pomp and circumstance, was I impressed? There’s only one way to find out!

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November Topbox Review & Pictures (Plus Surprise Giveaway for Canadians! – CLOSED)

November Topbox Review, Pictures & Giveaway for Canadians smallerAs another thank you to my regular Canadian readers, I have a surprise giveaway for you! (Edit: The giveaway is now closed. See bottom of post for the winner.)

What can you win? A December Topbox! See details at the bottom of this post.

What you see pictured is from the November Topbox, and that’s what I’ll be reviewing.

I was recently contacted by Topbox and asked if I would like to try out their November box. They also generously offered to provide the prize for this giveaway!

What is Topbox? It’s like the Canadian version of Birchbox (similar to the Loose Button Luxe Box that I previously blogged about).

So what’s the difference? Topbox sets themselves apart in terms of only providing top brands (hence their name) and minimalist packaging, which is environmentally friendly. You get 4 deluxe-sized samples each month for just $10 CAD. Shipping is free. (Edit: I just signed up to receive the February 2012 Topbox – found out that there’s tax, so in total, you’ll be paying $11.30 CAD.)

I was really excited to see it in person, and as I was opening the package for the first time, I was taking photos. At one point, I had to put my camera down because I was so ecstatic and couldn’t believe my eyes!

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