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Sigma Brushes Review & Pictures – Brand Overview

Sigma BrushesI’m going to let one of my makeup skeletons out of the closet. (Deep breath!) For years, I used only those sad sponge-tip applicators to apply eye shadow. (They’re great for packing on color, but not fantastic for blending.) Don’t pumice stone me! I’ve learned the error of my ways!

It was only about a year ago when I took the plunge and invested in makeup brushes…expensive ones from MAC Cosmetics that left my piggy bank squealing for mercy. Then I got wise to Sigma Brushes – same quality as MAC, but waaaay cheaper. Since I discovered Sigma brushes, I’ll never go back to buying MAC brushes. Continue reading


Products We’ll Be Reviewing Soon!

Hey everyone!

Today we went shopping at Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart (two Canadian drugstores)! Of course we didn’t leave empty-handed!

Below are some items from our haul as well as products from our beauty collections that we plan to review in the near future.

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