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Panorea Skin + Spa Review

Panorea Skin and Spa TorontoMother’s Day is coming up!

Are you ready to make Mom feel like a queen for a day?

A while ago, my mom and I enjoyed our first spa experience at a Toronto skincare spa called Panorea Skin + Spa.

Panorea Skin + Spa has been family owned and operated since 1981, and it was named after a real woman called Panorea. (I think it’s a beautiful name and one that I have never come across in my circles.)

We went to this Toronto spa when it was located at 416 Bloor Street West, but they’ve recently relocated to 853 Bathurst Street. (Their new location is north of Bathurst Station on the east side. Look for their green planters!)

They offer all the spa treatments you could want from hair removal, eyelash tinting, and custom facials to manicures, pedicures, and skin consultation.

If you’re curious, their prices and services are conveniently listed here on the Panorea Skin + Spa website where you can also book your appointment online.

By the way, I saw on their website that they’re running a Manicure/Pedicure Special for $55 CAD when you book from Monday to Wednesday. (Also, this spa offers CND Shellac nail polish, but I also noticed a wide variety of Nubar nail polishes in the back. Hehe, you know this nailphile would spot the lacquer quickly, right?)

Other ways to contact them:

  • E-mail: info@panorea.ca
  • Phone: (416) 530-0781
  • The handy web form at the bottom of their website

During our spa visit, we met Louis and Shantel, who are shown in the above photo.

Louis is Panorea’s son, and we chit chatted a little bit. He’s very friendly, and I could feel his passion for skincare right from the beginning! Plus he obviously walks the walk, since the dude has the smoothest and most even complexion that I’ve ever seen on a man in a long time. I could tell that he takes extremely good care of his skin!

When I commented on how healthy his skin looked, he flashed a charming smile and attributed it to his mother teaching him how to care for his skin at an early age.

I agree – prevention is the key! Wear good sunscreen all the time, and don’t neglect your skin!

Shantel, the esthetician who would perform the facials, had a calm demeanour, which made it easy to relax. After going over the forms we filled out based on our skin concerns and the products we used, she suggested specific Dr. Renaud skincare products and spa facials that we would benefit the most from.

She was very knowledgeable and patient, offering advice and answering our constant string of curious questions. (Remember, it was our first ever spa trip, so everything was new to us!)

In the rest of this post, I will go into more detail about our Panorea Skin + Spa experience. Come along because I’ll also share some photos of my mom during her collagen-infused facial.

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