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Polish War: China Glaze Fairy Dust vs. Out The Door Northern Lights Silver Hologram Top Coat Swatches & Review

China Glaze Fairy Dust & Out The Door Northern Lights Silver Hologram Top Coat smallerAfter viewing my Haul of Shame post, a reader (Lois) asked me about 2 holographic top coats and how they compared.

Since I own both, I pitted them together in a nail-polish war.

Both competitors entered the ring pumped and looking like they meant business. The crowd cheered on their favorite and booed the other.

One polish, Essie Nude Beach, had to be escorted out of the building by The Polish Police for streaking during the event. And some other rowdy fans (including Color Club Pure Energy) were warned to maintain decorum lest they suffer the same fate.

But…back to the stars of the show!

Out The Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat (Silver) gave China Glaze Fairy Dust the stink eye as it shook its cap.

China Glaze Fairy Dust heckled, “There’s a reason why you’re called Out The Door – that’s where you’ll be heading with your tail between your legs!”

Nail-polish blood was shed! So who came out on top? Continue reading


Haul of Shame: Nail Polish & Nail Art

Nail Polish Haul, Nail Art & Fauxnad Image PlateWelcome to the first ‘Haul of Shame’ post!

I’ve got a pretty special post coming soon (hint: it’s nail-polish related). So excited to share it with you, and I’ve been working hard on it for a couple of days now.

Today I’m putting up a haul post since one of our readers, Kee, showed some interest in seeing these type of posts. Please let me know if you’d like this to be a regular feature or not.

Haul of Shame posts will be where we air our dirty makeup laundry. We’ll show the good, the bad, the cheap, and the pricey. You never know what you might see. But hopefully you’ll like it. And hopefully we won’t look too much like makeup addicts (even though we totally are!).

If there’s something you see that you’d like to know more about or that you’d like to see a review on, please leave a comment to let us know. Continue reading