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OPI Iceland Collection Swatches

OPI Iceland Collection Swatches

It’s been so long since I posted that I feel rusty. Pass me the oil can, Tin Man!¬†ūüėČ

Thanks for being patient with me, especially when we live in a society where “instant” isn’t fast enough and people are continuously racing to the finish line.

As you will have noticed, I’ve taken a more relaxed style to blogging compared to what I used to do. It’s mainly because of three reasons: (1) I don’t want to burn out, (2) I’ve been diving deeper into another hobby (the planner world), and (3) I’ve been spending more time with friends and family. I am still passionate about blogging here, so I will continue to share my thoughts (and my nails!) for as long as I can.

Today, I have swatches of the¬†OPI Iceland Collection¬†for Fall/Winter 2017! Autumn’s my favourite season, so I was really excited to try out all the colours.

I appreciate the diverse colours included. There’s something for everyone from the posh grey and slate blue to the retro green and rich brown.

In all of my OPI Iceland Collection swatches, I used two coats to achieve full opacity, except for¬†Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots (the frosty pink), which required three coats. (This one was my least favourite of the bunch. I’m not a fan of frosty-shimmer finishes that show brushstrokes.)

My top picks from the collection:

  • Less Is Norse¬†– You’ll want more of this medium slate blue.
  • Turn On the Northern Lights!¬†– This dark blue with pink sparkle is lit.
  • Suzi & the Arctic Fox¬†– A vampy blue for foxy nails.

I’m in love with this one because of the name:

  • Check Out the Old Geysirs¬†– Teach an old dog new tricks with this light blue.

The other shades:

  • Icelanded a Bottle of OPI¬†– The nail-polish has landed with this pale taupe.
  • That’s What Friends Are Thor¬†– A dark, earthy brown.
  • I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic¬†– Pale, classy peachy pink.
  • One Heckla of a Color!¬†– A purple so pretty, it won’t get heckled.
  • Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots¬†– A sizzling frosty pink.
  • Aurora Berry-alis¬†– ‘Pink’ about this rosy hue.
  • This Isn’t Greenland¬†– A retro green has nails singing Sam Cooke’s¬†“You Send Me.”
  • Krona-logical Order¬†– Get your nails in line with this dark mushroomy taupe.

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