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NailPolishCanada.com Is Giving Away 3 Babyliss Miracurls ($600 Value)

Yesterday, NailPolishCanada.com reached out to me and told me about a Babyliss Miracurl giveaway they’re having that’s open to both Canadians and US residents.

The e-mail was written in a humourous way – I was laughing a lot! (Kudos to Tiffany and the writers!)

I’ll admit that the hair curler looks intimidating to me (*bawk bawk bawk*), but for those who are brave to try it and want to win one, you’re the reason why I’m sharing this giveaway! 🙂

P.S. Here’s a little known fact about me. My hair is actually naturally curly, but I flat iron it daily. (My dad’s mom had curly strawberry blond hair, so I must’ve gotten it from her.)

For years, I let my curls be…well, curly. (Think it was near the end of high school when I freed the ‘beast’!)

When I was a baby, my mom told me that strangers would comment (with disgust), telling her, “You shouldn’t perm a baby’s hair!” Haha, but they didn’t know my curls were natural. When she told them, they assumed she was lying. That, in itself, is hilarious, because my mom is one of the most honest, straight-shooting people I know. I guess people didn’t believe her because both my parents have straight hair.

It was actually just a few years ago when I went on a straightening kick. It’s fun to switch things up every now and then!

(Maybe in a future Smorgasbord Sundays post, I’ll post some photos, if I can dig them up. Wow, I haven’t written one of those in a while!)

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Nail Polish Canada (Almost) the Best E-tailer in Canada Press Release

NailPolishCanada Consumer ChampionI’ve teamed up with NailPolishCanada many times, so when I received an e-mail yesterday from them asking if I could share a press release with my readers, I was only too happy to help!

Not only have I collaborated with them as a blogger, but I’ve also purchased lots of nail polish from their website. (I totally vouch for their wide selection, great prices, and timely delivery!)

They’re participating in Canada Post’s E-Commerce Awards and are trying to win the coveted title of Consumer Champion, which is the best e-commerce company in Canada.

They were actually selected as a finalist by some prestigious judges high up on the corporate ladder, so even to be in the running is a big honour and achievement in itself!

In order to win, they need our votes. You can vote until September 20 at 12 pm. (I’ve already voted yesterday, but you can keep voting daily to give them even more support! Details are listed later in this post.)

Also, what’s equally cool is that each day you vote, Nail Polish Canada enters you into a giveaway where you can win a daily prize!

Edit (September 6): You can now vote more than once a day to show your support, but you’ll still only be entered once for the daily prize. Get clicking!

And, to put the icing on the decadent cake, if Nail Polish Canada wins and is crowned the Consumer Champion, they’ll have 2 grand prizes for 24 bottles of Enchanted nail polish and a $1000 shopping spree on their website!

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