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Madam Glam Cote d’Azur Swatches & Review

Madam Glam Cote d'Azur Swatches Review

Yesterday, it snowed here. *Sigh* Looking out my window at the white fluff falling from the sky made my stomach sink.

As beautiful as the snow is, and despite me being Canadian, I’m over it! (Heck, I’ve been ruffling my pom poms and rolling around the welcome wagon for spring many months before it arrived.)

But even when the weather isn’t ideal, at least one thing we have control over is our nail polish!

To make me forget about the snow (and to put me into spring mode), I reached for Madam Glam Cote d’Azur, which is a beautiful turquoise. It’s definitely one of those nail polishes that you have to see in person to truly appreciate!

Even a tortoise would rush towards this turquoise! 😉

Madam Glam Cote d’Azur is a nail polish that the camera reads wrong. Initially, it picked it up as a lagoon blue, but in person, it has enough green in it to make it appear turquoise. It’s more like a blue-based green.

After fiddling with my settings, I got the colour as close as I could to what my naked eye saw. However, in person, I’d say that it’s more saturated than photos would suggest.

P.S.  You can get 30% off any order on the Madam Glam website when you click on the link above and use the coupon code “SWATCH30”. (No, I don’t make any commission if you use that promotion.)

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Madam Glam Holo Fever Swatches & Review

Madam Glam Holo Fever Swatches Review

Sometimes you want simplicity. Other times, you want fireworks on your nails!

You’ll get the latter with Madam Glam Holo Fever, a glittery purple-based polish that left my nails drooling with my jaw on the floor.

This is the grand introduction to Madam Glam nail polishes on the blog, as I’ve never worn this brand before. (By the way, they ship worldwide!)

Complex like a painting, I find myself gazing at Madam Glam Holo Fever intently to appreciate the careful attention to detail.

It’s more than just a glitter polish. There are many interesting layers that contribute to the spectacular bigger picture.

When you see more photos included in this post, you’ll see why this polish is ideal for when you’re craving a statement manicure!

Back when I first started collecting nail polish more seriously, I was obsessed with China Glaze Grape Crush, which was discontinued. I scoured all my usual e-tailers and eBay, but I never got my hands on it.

Although this is not a dupe, and Grape Crush was a huge lemming of mine that never found its way into my Helmer, I can say now that Madam Glam Holo Fever has squashed it. Holo Fever is everything I’ve ever wanted Grape Crush to be and more, so after all these years, I’ve finally called off the search.

P.S. I can’t write this review with paying homage to one of my favourite songs – Peggy Lee’s Fever!

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