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Katy Perry Purr Shower Gel Review & Pictures

Katy Perry Purr Shower Gel Review & PicturesYou may remember that earlier this year, I received the Katy Perry Purr Bath Collection Gift Set as a belated birthday present.

Back then, I reviewed the perfume, but now it’s time for me to tell you about the Katy Perry Purr Shower Gel.

As far as I know, you can only get the shower gel as part of the gift set. So, since receiving it, I’ve been rationing it.

Whenever I wear the Katy Perry Purr perfume, I use this in the shower so that I can layer the fragrance.

So what do I think of the Purr by Katy Perry shower gel? Does it smell like the perfume? Does it leave behind a film on your skin?

The answers are just a click away! Continue reading


Katy Perry Purr Review & Pictures

Katy Perry Purr Perfume ReviewIf there was a fragrance I wanted to try so badly, it was unequivocally the Katy Perry Purr perfume! Since I saw promo pictures of it last year, I’ve been scouring the internet for where I could purchase it.

To my dismay, it was a Nordstrom exclusive at the time, they wouldn’t ship it to Canada, and there was no store in Canada that sold it (again at the time). And I just couldn’t bring myself to pay a fortune on eBay.

Understanding my oddball obsession, my Yankee ex-boyfriend, Matty, surprised me with it on his recent visit. And not only did he get me the large Katy Perry Purr eau de parfum, but he got me the entire brand-spankin’ new Katy Perry Bath Collection (called the Purr by Katy Perry Spring Set on Nordstrom’s site). It comes complete with the shower gel, shimmering body lotion, and purse spray! OMG!

Words can’t describe my happiness. I wanted to jump up and down on the bed and then scream at the top of my lungs for joy like a hyperactive child! Instead, I opened everything up, smelled it, and then cradled it like Gollum. My precious!

Although I was smitten by the purple cat-shaped bottle, how did the Katy Perry Purr fragrance fare? Was it a nose assault, or will I be reaching for it often? Let me share my thoughts with you! Continue reading