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Joe Twilight Swatches & Review

Joe Twilight SwatchesFlakie polishes are mesmerizing, yet aren’t easy to find and can be quite expensive.

The ever-popular Nfu-Oh flakie polishes cost a small fortune and can only be found at etailers or on eBay.

I was really lucky to get hold of the limited-edition Nubar 2010 (love it!), but searched for Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure to no avail.

When I heard about the Joe Twilight flakie nail polish, I automatically assumed that I’d never find it.

One day, while grocery shopping, I casually browsed through the shelf of Joe Fresh nail polishes. They have some pretty colors, but I never bought any to try.

Then my heart stopped when I picked up the Joe Fresh Twilight flakie polish! Could this be? Did I actually find it? Yes! The nail-polish gods smiled down on me!

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