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Loose Button January 2012 Luxe Box Review & Pictures

January Luxe Box Review & PicturesWhen I received my Loose Button January 2012 Luxe Box on Friday, my jaw dropped. (Don’t worry – I picked it up so that nobody would accidentally trip over it and hurt themselves.)

This month, the cardboard box that shipped was way bigger than any of the ones I previous received. It was roughly double the height!

So, of course curiosity got the best of this cat! I tore this baby open and took photos of everything along the way to show you.

Even though there wasn’t any nail polish in the January Luxe Box, I think that this is easily Loose Button’s best box ever…(well, compared to the ones I’ve received in the past).

Without further ado, let me take you on a long unboxing journey. 😉

Warning: This post is picture-heavy!

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