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Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses Chalkboard Edition for Women & Men (with My Doodles!)

Ed Hard Skulls And Roses Chalkboard EditionThe Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses Chalkboard Edition for Women & Men feature fragrance bottles with a unique finish that allows you to draw on them with chalk!

PR was kind enough to send me both bottles, and encouraged me to put my spin on them.

Hehe, I’m not a great drawer, but when I was in school, I enjoyed doodling in my notebooks a lot for fun (especially if the class was boring – hey just being honest).

It’s been a long time since I doodled, so this little project brought out the kid in me (not that the kid in me ever really went far – just down the street, actually, to buy some candy!) 😉

In this post, I’ll show you in closer detail what I came up with. As a whole, I’m calling this collective, “Open Your Mind to Love”, which you may remember me showing on Instagram yesterday.

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Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses Limited Edition Fragrances Press Release & Promo Pictures

Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses Fragrances Chalkboard Limited EditionIf Shakesepeare’s Hamlet changed his famous soliloquy, “To be, or not to be, that is the question” into “To spray, or not to spray, that is the question” while holding up an Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses Limited Edition Fragrance (chalkboard version), he would’ve scored more Cool Points.

These colourful skulls feature a special finish that allows you to draw on them with chalk and to customize the bottle to make it truly your own.

I think this is a neat idea, and I love all the detailing on the bottles. You wouldn’t even know that they’re bottles for fragrance, so these double as home decor!

Since we’re nearing Hallowe’en, I think these skulls are perfect, but the fact that they also contain perfume for a woman (purple skull) and cologne for a man (red skull) makes them even more unique.

(The top of the skull actually comes off to reveal the nozzle used to spray the product.)

You may remember that 2 days ago, I posted an Instagram photo of these skulls. I laid them out with a backdrop of the skull scarf I bought from Garage that you may remember in this post.

I have both of the Ed Hardy Skulls & Roses limited edition fragrances, thanks to PR, and I’ll be putting my spin on them. Okay, I’m not a great drawer, but I have some ideas of what to put on each noggin’. 😉 I’ll show you the finished artwork when I’m done in a separate post!

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