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Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Cotton Candy Lip Gloss Review & Pictures

Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Cotton Candy ReviewEven though I usually am disappointed by beauty products that claim to smell like cotton candy, I always get suckered into giving them a chance.

The Bonne Bell Lip Smacker Cotton Candy Lip Gloss is well known among teens and pre-teens.

When I was in grade school, all the cool girls had Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. It was the trendy lip gloss that came in so many different, yummy flavors. Kiwi and Bubblegum were my favorites. (I’m going to look for Kiwi the next time I’m at the store!)

Don’t think I ever tried the Cotton Candy one. Have you?

Shoppers Drug Mart was having a sale, and the last time I used any Lip Smackers was at the beginning of high school, so I thought I’d give it a shot for nostalgic reasons.

How did the formula stack up? Did it smell and/or taste like actual cotton candy? Did it provide a nice, glossy finish?

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