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Avon Lagoon Swatches & Review

Avon Lagoon Swatches & ReviewI used to work with a woman who was an Avon representative. She brought the Avon catalog to the office and let a bunch of us look through it.

Just flipping through it was a like a flashback of grade school because my best friend’s mother was really into Avon. And since maybe grade 7, I hadn’t seen their catalog.

Of course they had the usual offerings of red, pink, and sheers. Avon strikes me as a very traditional company that doesn’t make too many waves. Then again, I haven’t kept up with them, so maybe they’ve changed. From what I saw in the book, however, it doesn’t look like it.

So I was really surprised when I caught sight of the only ‘funky’ colour in the bunch – a blue. I asked my co-worker if she could put in an order for me for Avon Lagoon.

After I bought it, I put it inside a box (where I used to keep polishes) and kind of just forgot about it. Then recently, I dug it out because I wanted to finally try an Avon nail polish to see how the formula was. Continue reading