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Nail Art Tutorial: Easter Egg Nails

Easter Egg Nails Nail Art Tutorial & PicturesWell, lookie here. Mr. Tom Thumb decided to make an appearance. “What better occasion than for the unveiling of Easter Egg Nails?” He told me.

(Don’t tell him, but he’s kind of a hot head, thinking that he’s better than the other fingers just because he’s bigger. And he keeps talking about how without him, humans wouldn’t be able to brag about having opposable thumbs…or play an octave on the piano with one hand. *Pfft*)

Today I’m going to show you how this Easter nail design is very easy to do. I’ll walk you through it step-by-step with written instructions as well as photos so you can see the process and not just the end result.

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Nail Art Tutorial: Snow Bunny Nails

Flash Snow Bunny Rabbit Nails Nail Art Tutorial & PicturesSince I had so much fun wearing my Penguin Nails, I decided to try more animal nail art in the snow – Snow Bunny Nails!

Although this design doesn’t use many colours, it took much longer to complete than the penguins. So if you give this one a go, make sure you have a good chunk of time on your hands.

Like what we learned in Aesop’s Fables, slow and steady wins the race. Looks like in this manicure, the hare taught us that, though, not the tortoise.

This was my Christmas manicure. I wore it on the 23rd straight through to today even though I really wanted to wear China Glaze Party Hearty. (After spending over an hour on these ‘wascally wabbits’, as Elmer Fudd would say, I just couldn’t bring myself to remove them for a long time.)

With some minor tweaking (i.e. making the ears shorter), you can easily convert these rabbit nails into cat nails!

Also, I was extremely busy over the past few days, so I was only able to capture this manicure mainly with my flash. Although, a few are in the sunlight and some are in terrible dim artificial light. But from the mediocre photos I was able to take, you get the basic idea. Continue reading


Nail Art Tutorial: Reindeer Nails (Rudolph Nails)

Sunlight Reindeer Nails Nail Art Tutorial & SwatchesIt seems like everyone’s doing Reindeer Nails (Rudolph Nails) lately, and since it’s a design I’ve never tried before, I thought there’s no time like the present!

Although I liked the way it turned out, I strongly suggest that if you replicate it, that you opt for a light-coloured background instead of a bronze shimmer like I did. (It’s better to have more contrast between the background and the antlers.)

Also, I used red heart sequins for the noses because I wanted to do something different than just dots. This proved to be both a good and bad choice. I’ll explain later on in my step-by-step tutorial featuring written instructions and photos. Continue reading