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AQUIESSE Rioja Candle Review & Pictures

AQUIESSE Rioja Candle Review & PicturesIf you’ve followed my candle reviews, you know that I gravitate toward sweet scents that remind me of baked goods.

But I do like to explore options, so I welcomed the opportunity to try out a completely different (and much more sophisticated) fragrance.

You may remember that back in October, I tried out another scent (Luxe Linen) from this new-to-me candle brand. While that other scent was nice, I prefer this one.

The AQUIESSE Rioja Candle is the first citrus candle I’ve ever tried, and I like it. Allow me to tell you more. Continue reading


AQUIESSE Luxe Linen Candle Review & Pictures

AQUIESSE Portfolio Collection Luxe Linen Candle Review & PictureYou may have noticed that the only candle brand I’ve ever reviewed was Slatkin & Co. That’s because I’ve never owned any other candles…until now!

I was recently introduced to AQUIESSE, which is a luxury home fragrance brand founded by Michael Joseph. I never heard about them before.

Their candles are made from soy beans and/or coconuts. And, to quote the press kit, “organic and/or renewable resources, including essential oils, are used whenever possible without jeopardizing the effectiveness or stability of the products.”

They use lead-free wicks, and “each and every product is meticulously crafted by true artisans who take pride in their work.”

AQUIESSE fans include celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Prince, Denise Richards, Tori Spelling, Ali Landry, and Ben Stiller.

Hehe, I don’t know about you, but I can’t picture Ben Stiller burning any candles. I can picture him joking around, biting into one, or knocking one over and causing a lawn to burst into flames, though. But who knows? Everyone needs to relax, and candles are a great way to calm yourself down…especially if you’re meeting the Fockers for the first time or you’re trapped in a museum at night and all the stiffs are coming to life. 😛

Let me tell you a little about my thoughts on the AQUIESSE Luxe Linen Candle.

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