Swatch And Learn 2010 Beauty Awards – Breakout Star & Lifetime Achievement

Welcome to the first ever Swatch And Learn 2010 Beauty Awards! Breakout Star & Lifetime Achievement is the 5th of 7 award posts.

Every once in a while, there are products that amaze us when we least expect it and give us whiplash as we do double-takes. And then there are products that we have high expectations for, and they deliver every – single – time with A+++ performances.

Here are our winners for Breakout Star and Lifetime Achievement Awards:

Breakout Star

This award is given to the products that surprised us with their performance.

Fiona’s Winner

Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating Daily Moisturizer

Did I think that this little gem would be great? Nope. I got it because it was on sale – simple as that. Fate works in mysterious ways, because I love this moisturizer. My skin absorbs the hydration at lightning speeds so my clothes don’t cling on me like staticky Saran wrap when I wear this. I love the soft sweet scent and how easy it is to apply. But the best part is that it’s made with 95% natural ingredients in a recyclable bottle. Talk about the total package. This moisturizer is a keeper.

Mary’s Winner

Slatkin & Co. Leaves Scented Candle

Don’t worry – it doesn’t smell like leaves. Pop off the rubbery-lined lid and you’ll get a whiff of fall. This cozy fragrance has a complex (yet inviting) blend of apples, cider, and spices. It has excellent scent throw, so you can quickly fill up a room with this delicious aroma. It burns evenly (no tunneling/canyoning!) and the wax hardly goes down even after you’ve used it for 3 hours. This is my absolute favorite candle ever!

Lifetime Achievement

This award is given to the products that withstand the test of time.

Fiona’s Winner

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (from Urban Decay The Black Palette)

I don’t actually have a full size one of this…yet. But that’s because I’ve got a couple from the UD palettes that I got. This eye pencil has a trusted reputation of being one of the best in the makeup biz. It certainly doesn’t disappoint! It goes on super smooth – so no tugging at the sensitive eye area. It stays put all day – even without a primer! It’s blendable – you can easily create any look you want. It’s a true black color – not dark gray, not charcoal… BLACK. And it sharpens easily – one-piece shaving means it’s mess free. I love this eye pencil!

Mary’s Winner

Clarisonic Mia

This thoroughly cleans your skin and removes all the traces of makeup and dirt that would normally be left behind after manual cleansing. Having used the Clarisonic Mia for over 2 months, I look back now and wonder how I ever washed without it! This is one of those products that I love so much, I can see myself using for many years to come. Plus it truly is built to last – the first day I got it, clumsy me dropped it on the tiles on my bathroom floor…but it’s still working perfectly!

Our 7-part series features other awards, including:


2 thoughts on “Swatch And Learn 2010 Beauty Awards – Breakout Star & Lifetime Achievement

  1. Clarisonic

    We are honored to have made your Lifetime Achievement list! We are so happy that you have been loving your Clarisonic Mia for the last couple of months. If you ever have questions or concerns about you system we are here to help! Find us on Twitter @Clarisonic or We wish you and your skin the best – happy cleansing! 🙂


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