Smorgasbord Sundays: Tattoos

David-Beckham-TattoosFor this Smorgasbord Sundays post, I decided to focus on the topic of tattoos. (Haha, and I wanted an excuse to post a photo of David Beckham on my blog.) πŸ˜‰

While I can appreciate the artistry of tattoos on other people, I can never see myself getting one. (Yup, I’m a clean canvas.)

It’s not the pain or the fear of needles that deters me. It’s mainly because I can’t settle on one design. And when you get a tattoo, it should be permanent. (Removal is apparently more painful than getting a tattoo, I’ve heard. Is this true?)

The other day, I was talking with my friend, and she said that she likes tattoos on guys, but not if it covers the whole arm like a sleeve.

But with me, it’s reversed. I like tattoos on men, but when a guy has a full arm covered with tattoos, it makes my heart race. I just love admiring the creativity. (Of course, cheesy tattoos like “I <3 Mom” don’t impress me. The tattoos have to hold more meaning and not beΒ clichΓ©s.)

In this post, I’m going to show some photos of tattoos. Some are good, and some are terrible!

David Beckham


Image Source

Wiz Khalifa


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Below are some photos of tattoos I saw on this website. Some made me laugh, but others made me feel sorry! Seriously…do your research before getting inked!









Do you have any tattoos? When did you get them, and what do they look like?


18 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Sundays: Tattoos

  1. Brianna

    I feel the same as you. I don’t think I would ever get a tattoo, but I love them on guys. The in loving memory tattoo kind of freaks me out, she looks like a zombie or something on it.
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    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Brianna!

      I really don’t know what the tattoo artist was thinking when (s)he did that In Loving Memory tattoo. :S It doesn’t even resemble the pretty woman, and if you’re an artist, you know that it’s a bad idea to draw a full mouth of individual teeth unless you’re drawing skeletons. Showing all the teeth like that looks creepy…and the person even put shadows under the person’s eyes. :S

  2. Kimberly

    Doesn’t that just suck to have a misspelled word as a tattoo. I think I’ll stay away from words!! I did just get my name written in Arabic on my wrist though. So even if it is misspelled, no one will know!!!! It’s still very pretty. I love it and am glad I got it done. I love my other tats too. And I’m ready for some more.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Kimberly!

      When you get a tattoo, do you watch the artist while (s)he’s working? Because if you do, I wonder how misspellings can happen. I really feel sorry for people who’ve had bad jobs done.

      Do you know what other designs you’d get in the future? Also, do you go to the same tattoo artist?

  3. Candice

    I have two tattoos, my brother has three, thinking about a fourth, and this is my take on tattoos:

    – Think carefully. If it has meaning, you are less likely to regret it. If it’s ‘just a dolphin’ you might get sick of it. Be personal about it!

    – Pick a great studio, no one wants a scratcher to ink them. I don’t care if it’s your best friend’s brother’s ex’s nephew. Don’t make people wonder if you spent time in prison already….. Pay for the quality. You’ll see this sign in a lot of studios: “A Good Tattoo isn’t Cheap, and a Cheap Tattoo isn’t Good.”

    – One does not simply “get ONE tattoo.” LOL. Once you start….

    – ….but also know when to stop….

    That whole “It wont look good when youre 80” jazz doesn’t fly with me. Oh yeah? And you’re going to look like a supermodel when you’re 80? Ha!
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    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Candice!

      You make so many great points! Haha, the dolphin tattoos make me laugh whenever I see them because I think about Lisa Frank binders that I had as a kid.

      And, yes, if you’re getting a tattoo, it shouldn’t be about the price – it should be about the quality of the artistry. It’s going to be there for life (unless you get it removed), so it should look good, and you should be willing to pay for a job well done!

      When did you get your first tattoo? And how long did it take you to decide on the design? Also, were you nervous?

      1. Candice

        My first tattoo was when I was 22 years old. I drew the design myself, which took me a day or so to master. It’s on my back and hurt a LOT. The second was about a year ago. That design took me about a month to perfect and my artist totally understood my vision, I was so lucky! Still hurt πŸ˜‰ And I dont think I was ever nervous really, more like excited. They were very great experiences
        Candice recently posted: Spoiled’s "Shrimp on the Barbie" and MORE Polish!

        1. Mary Post author

          Nice – I like it when people draw their own tattoos. It becomes more personal and, therefore, more meaningful.

  4. maria emma

    I have one tattoo on my back. Even though spanish is my mother tongue, my tattoo is in english and it says: “Keep the faith”. I did it on december of the last year because I had an awful year, maybe the worst in my life.. So in december, everything seems to be back on track, I decided to get that tattoo, just to remind me that when everything goes wrong, keeping the faith is the only thing that gave me strength in that difficult period of my life.
    maria emma recently posted: Marlene’s wedding!!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey maria emma!

      I’m happy to hear that you went with a tattoo that holds personal meaning for you and that acts as a reminder to push on. πŸ™‚ I’m proud that you made it through the low times and are positive about the future. That’s not easy.

  5. Marta

    Again, an awesome topic for the day.
    My parents raised me very sheltered and so a tattoo (when I was younger) was considered something that “criminals” and “bad people” do. However, as I got older and grew into my own skin so to speak, I realized that there are good and bad tattoos and I started to admire the tattoos that tell a story. Shortly before I turned 30 I got my first tattoo. I had been wanting it for three years and I waited for my husband to approve (it was important for me that he like it also and not regret me getting it). I have “Live, Laugh, Love.” tattooed on my left inner-wrist. I went through a lot growing up, and I carry the burden of that on my shoulders and sometimes it clouds my days. This is a daily reminder to take a deep breath, and to not sweat the small stuff because we only have one life πŸ˜‰

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Haha, actually, my mom’s the same way. She dislikes all tattoos. My dad, well, haha, I never talked with him about it, but I have a feeling that he wasn’t as harsh about tattoos. Both don’t have tattoos. But I think my dad would sometimes appreciate the art behind it, whereas my mom sees it more as a sign that the person is bad. πŸ˜›

      I remember when you got your tattoo! πŸ˜€ See, now that’s a good one. Were you nervous, and did it hurt when you got it on your wrist? I heard that the closer tattoos are to the bone, the more painful it can be.

      1. Marta

        I have zero pain tolerance… But I will say that the tattoo was more uncomfortable rather than searing-pain. It hurt more in the center (over the bone, yes) but the whole tattoo took 20 minutes. I was nervous AND excited. I had my mind made up and was happy to finally make it happen πŸ™‚
        Marta recently posted: Weekend Stamped Manicure

        1. Mary Post author

          Yours looks great, so it was worth the 20 minutes of discomfort you experienced. Plus it means something to you, which is the most important thing. Haha, and there are no misspelled words! πŸ˜‰

  6. Jessica

    I would never get a tattoo myself–the concept is cool but the very idea of having someone prick me over and over again with a needle is enough to send me running in the other direction. Although, my friends and I used to draw on our skin with ink pens way back in middle school. Thank God I outgrew that habit, haha.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jessica!

      Haha, oh yeah, I remember doing that in elementary school, too! πŸ˜› Once I put dots all over my arms and actually walked around like that. The strange things we do when we’re kids. πŸ˜‰


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