Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle Review & Pictures

Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle Review & PicturesCream-coloured pumpkins don’t get my attention as much as orange ones, so for the longest time, I didn’t try the Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle from Bath & Body Works.

This is an immensely sweet candle that’s extremely heavy on the caramel. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the name ‘Creamy Pumpkin’ is misleading since the pumpkin is overpowered.

If you’re not a fan of gourmand or candy-like fragrances, this will turn you off big time. But if you love scents that smell edible, you may very well fall in love with this scented candle!

Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle Pictures

Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle Review & Pictures

Slatkin and Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Creamy Pumpkin Candle Review & Pictures Slatkin & Co.

Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Scented Candle Review & Pictures

Bath and Body Works Creamy Pumpkin Candle Review & Photos

Slatkin and Co. Creamy Pumpkin Scented Candle Review & Pictures


    √ Creamy caramel
    √ Vanilla
    √ Soothing warm cream
    X Gingered pumpkin

Key Notes

  • Name: Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle
  • Amount: 411 g (14.5 oz.)
  • What I Paid: 2 for $20 USD
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works website and Bath & Body Works stores

Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Review


This is one of those scented candles that what you smell in the jar is pretty similar to what you get when the candle is burned.Β The only difference is that when lit, the scent is intensified.

It’s a really heavy, strong caramel that is creamy, rich, and cozy. You really have to be a sugary-gourmand lover to enjoy this one. If not, you may find it cloying and nauseating. Fortunately for me, I really like this, and it doesn’t give me a headache despite it being super strong.

When the Creamy Pumpkin Candle from Slatkin & Co. is burning, it makes me want to eat those caramel squares or some kind of caramel dessert. Absolutely yummy and better than the name “Creamy Pumpkin” would suggest.

Oddly, I couldn’t detect any actual pumpkin! If there is any, the caramel knocks it out of the ring. It’s more caramel with a vanilla cream than anything else. It doesn’t smell like a pumpkin pie to me.

Scent Throw

The scent throw is incredible! After just lighting it for a short time, it already filled my living room with a strong fragrance. I think because of the intensity, it’s best for medium to large rooms. It may be too heavy for small rooms.


The wicks burned well, and the wax melted evenly, so I have no complaints about this candle. Very pleased with its performance!


I like Slatkin & Co. scented candles because their packaging is very simple and elegant. They’re not tacky, so I don’t mind having them on display. They usually feature a pretty image on the front and have a ‘rubberized’ lid that helps seal in the fragrance when you’re storing them.

Seasonal Availability

This candle is a recurring fall scent. It was around last year, and unless they change things up, it will probably come back next fall.


  • Strong fragrance & scent throw
  • Creamy caramel scent with a hint of vanilla
  • Burns clean
  • Affordable when it goes on sale

  • Only available seasonally – around fall
  • Caramel is the dominant note (pumpkin seems to be absent)

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

If you feel a need to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving, this candle may very well do the trick! But for those who are sensitive to sweet scents, this is a warning: it’s heavvvvy and oh-so-sugary! Mmm…I like it a lot, but it still doesn’t top Frosted Cupcake for me. (This is far sweeter than Frosted Cupcake.)

Do super sweet candles give you a headache or make you smack your lips? Or do you like clean scents better than the gourmand variety? What’s your favourite scented candle?


6 thoughts on “Slatkin & Co. Creamy Pumpkin Candle Review & Pictures

  1. Carmela

    I was at Pier 1 last weekend and saw they had this pumpkin candle in a pretty metal tin and of course, it reminded me so much of you! I’m not entirely sure if it has a stronger pumpkin smell either, but I might take a sniff next time I’m there. Have you seen it? (If you still don’t have it, I’ll include it with Owl’s Night. :D)

    I personally prefer vanilla based scents but nothing that’s too cloying so even the caramel of this one might be a bit much. I’m surprised it’s even sweeter than Frosted Cupcake! Maybe they should’ve marketed it as Caramel instead of pumpkin..?
    Carmela recently posted: Color Club New Bohemian

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      I don’t browse through Pier 1 as often as I used to, but I love that store. They always have interesting home decor that you don’t necessarily see elsewhere. (I also like combing through Winners. They sometimes have hidden gems for less.)

      No, I haven’t seen that pumpkin candle you mentioned. Back when I used to go to Pier 1 more often, I wasn’t into candles, so I never smelled any. (Back then I thought they were all just a waste of money because it’s just wax. How wrong I was! πŸ˜› Making up for lost time…)

      Oh WOW, Carmela! Your generosity and kindness continues to blow me away. That is incredibly sweet of you…and your sweetness isn’t cloying. πŸ˜› Haha!

      Slatkin & Co. has another scent “Creamy Caramel”, so maybe they called it “Creamy Pumpkin” to differentiate from the two, but…it’s just inaccurate!

      1. Carmela

        Oooh, I love browsing the decor at Winners too! I was actually looking for well-priced (aka not so expensive) curtain rods at Pier 1. It happened to be right next to a Bouclair so we stopped by. I found everything but what I was looking for! πŸ˜‰

        Oh, psssh. It’s what friends do, right? And I do try to live up to my name: Car(a)mela! πŸ˜€ Hahaha!
        Carmela recently posted: Color Club New Bohemian

        1. Mary Post author

          Yeah, it’s always like that, isn’t it? Walk into a store with a mission to find something, and then walk out with a handful of things except what you originally were shopping for. πŸ˜› Happens to me a lot, actually. And usually I’ll only remember what I went for when I’m all comfortable at home. I need to get some blinders like the horses wear. But then, knowing me, I’d probably end up buying something else when I’m actually looking for the blinders. πŸ˜› Oh, the vicious cycle!

  2. Anna

    I LOVED this candle when I had it last fall, but a lot of people hated it! I remember my mom coming into my apartment and her nose crinkled up and she started complaining that it was too sweet. I love it, though. My favorite one this year is either the Autumn scented candle or Hot Chocolate from Bath and Body Works. Soooooo amazing! You should sniff those out if you haven’t already.

    P.S. Did you hear about OPI’s new announcement? They’re coming out with a Nicki Minaj collection in January! πŸ™‚ So excited. She’s so unique and out there, so I hope the polishes reflect her!!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Anna!

      Yeah, I think you really have to LOVE super-sweet fragrances and be in the right mood for this scent. Haha, your description of your mom’s reaction sounds like my mom’s reaction to just anything with a fragrance!

      Hot Chocolate smells exactly like a cup of hot chocolate – I was pretty impressed. I have the Autumn candle, but will only be trying it out later. Smells lovely in the jar!

      I’m SO EXCITED about OPI’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj. The bar glitter one is going to be incredible – can’t wait to see it in person! See, I can get down with collaborations like this because they make sense. I have trouble buying into collaborations like the Justin Bieber one because he doesn’t wear lots of colours and he doesn’t wear polish. Yes, he’s targeting his demographic, but still…


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