Sinful Colors Show Me the Way Review & Swatches

** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

I love green nail polishes as much as the next girl. No, more than the next girl. (Move over, Next Girl.) But honestly though, I can’t make up my mind about Sinful Colors Show Me the Way. The green is pretty…and it’s not.

Sometimes I look at it and think “Wow!” Then other times, I wonder, “Show me the way to where? The swamps?” Which then reminds me of ogres because my name is Fiona. You know, like Shrek and Fiona? Sad face.

After staring at my nails for quite some time, I still can’t decide. What do you think of this shade?

Sinful Colors Show Me the Way Swatches & Pictures

*~* 4 Coats with Top Coat in Flash *~*

*~* 4 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light *~*

Claims: OK

    ~ Fun color

Key Notes

  • Name: Sinful Colors Show Me the Way
  • Amount: 15ml or 0.5fl. oz.
  • What I Paid: $2.50 USD
  • Price Per Unit: $0.17/ml or $5/ml
  • Other Colors Available: Roses Dozen, Coco Diamond, Pale, Cha Cha Red, Cabana, Snow Me White, Purple Diamond, Black on Black, Aqua, Midnight Blue, Thimbleberry, Fire Red, Tokyo Pearl, Dream On, Shausha, Fiji, Merlot, Pretty in Pink, Tahiti Breeze, Bermuda Sunshine, Cream Pink, Bubbly, Mystery, Vacation Time, Rich in Heart, Shining Heart, Love Nails, San Francisco, Tapping Nails, Gorgeous, California, Under 18, Easy Going, Tokyo Doll, Flirting Nails, Pink Forever, Beautiful Girl, What’s Your Name, Let Me Go, Lying Nails, Well Prepared, Glass Pink, Folly, Hottie, This Is It, UFO, Dancing Nails, Serene Chloe, Shirley, Euro Trash, Sugar Sugar, Mama San, Daddy’s Girl, Out of This World, Big Daddy, Boom Boom, Gogo Girl, Cloud, Boggie Nights, Scandal, You Just Wait, Mercury Rising, 24/7, All About You, Frency, Queen of Beauty, Social Ladder, I Love You, HD Nails, Nail Junkie, Let’s Meet, Let’s Talk, I Miss You, See You Soon, Call You Later, Secret Admirer, Rise & Shine, All Mighty, Oasis, Hot Spot, Innocent, Soul Mate, Happy Ending, Mint Apple, Celia, Silly Alix, Smoking Hot Pink
  • Where to Buy: Cherry Culture, Sinful Colors US website, Sinful Colors UK website, Walgreens

SinfulColors Show Me The Way Review


Let’s get to it, shall we? I would describe SinfulColors Show Me the Way as a medium olive green with a very subtle shimmery veil on top. When it catches certain light, you can see a golden fire that ignites from the green. It’s interesting without being in your face.

But sometimes I feel it’s kind of yawn, especially when you don’t see the golden undertone or the shimmers. It’s just a plain-old green (I can’t believe I just said greens can be plain and old). It looks like a run-of-the-mill green that you can get anywhere. Nothing too special.


Sooo. Don’t expect Sinful Colors Show Me the Way to wow you with just one coat. It won’t, but it might shock you. It’s totally sheer – so sheer that I wondered if the second coat would give me any color. Well, it did. Not enough though. By the third coat, the color showed well. I added a fourth coat for good measure. That’s a helluva coats.

Consistency & Application

Show Me the Way by Sinful Colors is a little goopier than I’m used to. Still, application wasn’t too difficult even though it did go on slightly blotchy/streaky. Applying multiple coats would hide that though.

It’s weird. I never complain that nail polishes smell because they all do. It’s expected. But Show Me the Way definitely stink more than others. Even after it dried.

The brush is quite standard. Nothing to write home about (but something to write a review about). The length of the handle allows for good ease of use, and the cap offers decent grip.


Show Me the Way by SinfulColors dries to a completely smooth and glossy finish. Wohoo. Finally a great point that I can stand behind!

Drying Time

Not great. Not bad. I would wait about 10 minutes between each coat to make sure there’s no bubbling. It’s not bad…unless you have to put on 4 coats of this color. That’s not math I like. OK, there isn’t much math that I like.


Sorry, I tried hard to take pictures of the ingredients, but they didn’t turn out. They’re very hard to read, so I couldn’t type them out. Plus, I couldn’t find them online (their US site is down at the time of this post)! Excuses, excuses, right? Although I can see on the bottle that it says it’s formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and DBP-free.


  • Formaldehyde-, toluene- & DBP-free
  • Glossy & uneven finish
  • A good neutral green

  • Super sheer
  • A little goopy
  • Can go on blotchy
  • Stinks (more than normal nail polishes)!

Final Verdict: 7/10

Not my favorite green polish, but I wouldn’t kick it out of my nail polish collection. This is definitely not my go-to green though. (BTW, every time I type the name of this polish, I sing it to Brian McKnight’s Show Me the Way Back to Your Heart song. I’m weird.)

Like this green and believe I need my eyes checked? Share your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Show Me the Way Review & Swatches

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi Susan!

      This is the first time I’ve tried Sinful Colors, and I’m not sure how I feel about the brand yet. Which colors do you recommend?

      1. McKenzie

        Hey! I have some of their colors and I love them! I have:

        I Miss You
        Rise and Shine
        Big Daddy
        Dream On
        Irish Green
        Mint Apple

    1. Mary

      Hey Paula!

      I’ve never tried any of the Sinful polishes, but this one Fiona swatched makes me want to try their stuff. I actually love this shade. 🙂


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