Sigma Travel Kit Review – Nice in Pink

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Taking a trip across the city or across the ocean is no reason to abandon how you put on your makeup. That’s why the Sigma Travel Kit Nice in Pink is a convenient essential. You get Sigma quality in the 7 included brushes, all wrapped up in a travel sized kit! Heck, I’ve even carried it with me to work on days when I’m going out at night. And why not?

It comes with a protective clutch-like pouch that measures approx. 7.5” in length with magnetic closure, so it’s easy to just pop into my purse. Plus, there’s a zippered pocket big enough for a couple more brushes, eyeshadow pans, lipgloss or whatever I need with me.

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Face Brushes

Eye Brushes


    Flawless look on the go
    Convenient pouch
    Professional quality

Key Notes

  • Name: Sigma Travel Kit Nice in Pink
  • What I Paid: $0 (Sent by Sigma Makeup for my honest review.)
  • Retail Price: $49.00
  • Other Colors Available: Naughty in Black
  • Where to Buy: Sigma website

Sigma Travel Kit Nice in Pink Review

“Travel size” does not mean tiny in this case. This Sigma Travel Kit features smaller versions of their brushes, but each is very ergonomic and easy to handle. The bristles are soft and full with the same quality as the regular-sized ones.

If you’ve never tried Sigma before, the travel kit is a good first step. For $49.00, you get 7 of their face and eye brushes. And the collection covers most of the basic needs – foundation, blush, bronzer, eye shadow, highlighter, contouring and concealer.

There isn’t one specifically for lips though. I don’t use them, so it’s not an issue for me. But I do miss a liner brush – one of my most essential tools. Personally, I would trade the contour brush in for an eyeliner brush… but that’s just me!

Breakdown of brushes in the Sigma Nice in Pink Travel Kit:

Sigma Large Powder F30 Brush (SS150) – 8.5/10

This brush is made of natural bristles. I’ve used it to apply powder foundation and even mineral finishing powder. The bristles are really soft and dense, and they spread easily, allowing for distribution over a large area. So far, it hasn’t shed one bristle!

Sigma Duo Fibre F50 Brush (SS187) – 8.5/10

This one’s made of a blend of synthetic and natural bristles. I love the size for using highlighting powder above my cheekbones. You can also apply blush with it! Just dip the brush into your powders, stipple it on your skin, and blend for a natural finish. It’s got soft bristles that are just stiff enough.

Sigma Large Angled Contour F40 Brush (SS168) – 7/10

Made of natural bristles, this brush is good for applying contouring shades around the face and under the cheeks. It distributes evenly, so you don’t have streaks on your face. But I’m not totally in love with it. It does shed a little, and I’d prefer slightly more-precise application than what I get.

Sigma Pencil E30 Brush (SS219) – 10/10

My favorite brush in the Sigma Travel Kit! The natural bristles in a precise shape let you put shadow exactly where you want. I love using this brush for the outer corner of my eye to add definition. You can also use it on the crease and upper/lower lash line. It really does handle like a pencil for precise application.

Sigma Tapered Blending E40 Brush (SS224) – 7.5/10

This soft natural-bristled brush is good for blending. I like to use the Sigma Pencil Brush to apply the shadows on my crease, then switch to this brush for an even look. It has more of a balloon shape than a tapered shape. The bristles are looser and more spread out in order to aid in blending. However, I find the size too big! If it were a bit smaller, I’d give it a higher score.

Sigma Concealer F70 Brush (S194) – 7/10

This synthetic-bristled brush has great density, which means it picks up just the right amount of concealer. It also distributes evenly to cover my blemishes, which I like this brush for. I don’t particularly love it for under my eyes though. Even though the bristles are soft, they tend to poke at the sensitive area under the eye.

Sigma Eye Shading E55 Brush (SS239) – 9.5/10

Love this natural-bristled brush. It really lets you pack on as much or as little shadow as you want. The size fits my eyes perfectly, and the shape allows me to control where I put the color easily. The bristles let you distribute your shadow over a large area, or you can concentrate your color on a small spot.

  • Soft professional-quality bristles
  • Comes with pouch, cleaning card & brush info
  • Low-to-no shedding
  • Includes 7 brushes for face & eyes
  • No lip brushes
  • Some of brush-head sizes are not ideal
  • Only available at Sigma website

Final Verdict: 8/10

Overall, I think this is a good kit to have in your makeup arsenal. It’s lacking a couple of essential brushes, and there‘s room for some improvements. But I still like it a lot for makeup-on-the-go. Those who want to test out Sigma for the first time or are traveling will definitely benefit from this little kit.

Plus, it also comes with a free travel-sized Sigma Foundation F60 Brush!

Which color would you want the Sigma Travel Kit – Naughty in Black or Nice in Pink?

This product was Fiona’s winner for the 2010 Best Group Award.


3 thoughts on “Sigma Travel Kit Review – Nice in Pink

  1. Vivian

    I was looking for reviews of this set on Google, and decided to pop in here and do a search. To my surprise you have a great review here! I shouldn’t have even bothered weeding out the 30 pages on google.

    I’m thinking about buying this set. I really only want 2 brushes. The large angled brush and the duo fibre stippler brush (after falling inlove with mac 187 and couldn’t afford a second). Each regular brush is sold seperately for about $15, so I figured I could just get this whole travel set with a lot more brushes (which means less cleaning too!). So I want to ask you… how does this Sigma F50 compare to the Mac 187? If I’m mostly going to use the Sigma F50, is this travel set worth it or should I just pay up for the Mac 187 I know.

    Thanks again for the in depth reviews. No other blogger gets into the specifics of each brush. Keep them coming! and sorry about all the questions!

    1. Vivian

      Oh I just realized this is written by a different person!I I never would have known, you two both have great reviews. I should have paid more attention when browsing through archives.

      1. Mary

        Hey Vivian!

        Yeah, up until August 7th, 2011, Fiona and I used to alternate our blogging days. She decided to no longer blog, and so after that day, I’ve been blogging daily.

        While I don’t have this travel kit, I do have the full-sized Sigma Duo Fibre SS187 brush (which is the first version of the Duo Fibre F50 brush) and the MAC 187 brush. While both brushes are soft, the MAC one has ever-so-slightly softer white bristles. The Sigma one feels firmer when I touch it with my finger, but on my face, yes, it’s still soft. Also, I feel that the MAC brush has more and denser bristles. The Sigma handle and ferrule are longer, but the actual bristle portion is the same size.

        The main difference is the number of bristles. MAC has slightly more than Sigma. Now, I just use these brushes to apply blush, so they both work perfectly. I don’t wear liquid foundation, but if you want to use them with it, I can see them providing very different performances.

        Hope that helps! 🙂


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