Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition Review & Pictures

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition Review & PicturesSedu is a haircare brand that I’ve come to trust. Several years ago, I tried their flat iron, and it literally changed my life!

My hair is naturally wavy/curly, so it gets frizzy and gross unless I put styling products like mousse in it. But I was tired of doing all that – for years I wore it like that. I wanted to wear it straight. Although I had tried a CHI flat iron, the Sedu kicked its behind!

Then I invested in a professional Sedu hairdryer and was really happy with it. But then one day, I put it on the bathroom counter, it slipped, and then fell onto the tile floor! The mechanism broke because it was quite a fall.

I had been happy with that hairdryer, so I was really bummed when the same model wasn’t sold anymore. (I had used that hairdryer daily for about 5 years, and if I was more careful, it could’ve lasted even longer.)

So, I searched Folica’s website for a replacement Sedu hairdryer. I chose the compact Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition.

Is it as good as my previous Sedu hairdryer? Let me tell you what I think.

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition Pictures

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Review & Pictures

The hairdryer comes in a box with a handle. You can save this and use it for traveling.

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition Review & Pics

Back of box

Pink Sedu Revolution Pro Hair Dryer Review & Pictures

Side of box

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer Review & Pics

Inside box

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition Review & Pictures

Hairdryer with small nozzle attachment

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition Review & Photos

Without nozzle attachment

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Review & Pictures

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer Review & Pictures

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Hair Dryer Review & Pictures

Buttons Left-Right: Heat, Power & Ion

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer Review & Photos

Cool-shot button

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Review & Photos

Without nozzle attachment

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Hairdryer Review & Pictures

Lint collector (can be removed)

Sedu Hair Dryer Review & Pictures

Two nozzle attachments

Pink Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer Review & Photos

Long power cord

Claims: Mainly TRUSTED

Can straighten hair or add volume depending if you turn the ions on or off
Compact size
Cuts drying time in half
X Lightweight design
? 60% more power than a conventional dryer
? Reduces frizz and static by 90% (It helps reduce frizz/static, but I don’t know if it’s by 90% exactly.)

Key Notes

  • Name: Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition
  • Colours Available: Pink & Black
  • What I Paid: $135.99 USD on sale (Retails for $200 USD – I used a 15% off coupon code on top of Folica’s sale price of $159.99 USD)
  • Where to Buy: Folica website

Sedu Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer 1875 Watts Pink Edition Review

Hair-Drying Efficacy

The Sedu Revolution 4000i hairdryer definitely cuts down the dry time for me. I really noticed it because at Christmas when I stayed over at my mom’s place, I used her Conair dryer, and it took forever to dry my hair compared to the Sedu.

Does It Reduce Frizz & Leave Your Hair Sleek

My hair is never perfectly straight and sleek with just blowdrying (even if I use a big, round brush). I always have to flat iron it afterwards.

However, I did notice that when I use my Sedu hairdryer, my hair is softer and smoother than when I use a regular drugstore hairdryer.

Ceramic and tourmaline ionic technology in conjunction with the 1875-watt power really helps tame your mane.


Standard dryers can get scorching hot. They rely on heat to dry your hair, and that can fry it. With ceramic tourmaline ionic dryers like this one, it’s easier on your hair and it doesn’t feel as hot yet it still dries your hair.

After I tried my first ceramic tourmaline ionic dryer, I couldn’t go back to a regular run-of-the-mill dryer.

Button Controls

There’s an orange cool-shot button that you can press to set your style. (I never use it because I always use the flat iron right after blowdrying.)

You’ll see 3 flip switches on the handle.

The red button lets you choose whether you want low heat or high heat. (I always choose high heat because it dries my hair faster. Sure, heat-styling damages your hair more than if you use cool air, but I really don’t have time in the morning to dry my hair with cool air.)

The middle button allows you to control the power – low or high. Again, I choose the high option.

Finally, on the right, there’s a button where you can turn the ions on or off. With the ions, you’ll be able to achieve smooth and straight locks. (I always use this.) When you turn the ions off, you can create more volume.

(In case you didn’t know, the ionic action seals the cuticle and helps to lock in moisture. That’s why when you use an ionic dryer, your hair often feels healthier and not dry or brittle like when you use a standard dryer.)


My previous Sedu hairdryer wasn’t a compact model like this one. But this time around, I thought I’d go for a smaller version so it would be easier for me to travel with. (I don’t actually travel much, but when I do, I always seem to complain about how big my dryer is…and I’m soooo not a light packer as it is…haha!)

I also thought that because the model was compact that it would be lighter than my old full-size hairdryer.


Oddly, this dryer is heavier than my old one.

If you’ve only ever used drugstore-brand dryers, this one will feel way heavier. A lot of professional dryers tend to be heavier.

It isn’t so heavy to the point where I feel like I’m developing big guns each morning that I use my dryer, but it doesn’t feel super light, either.

Nozzle Attachments

The Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer by Sedu comes with two nozzle attachments. One is shorter with a fatter slot, and the other is longer with a thinner slot. I think you can also purchase a diffuser attachment for curly hair. (I didn’t buy it because I never wear my hair naturally curly/wavy anymore.)

Noise Level

My old dryer was much quieter compared to this one. This one is pretty loud, which really bugged me in the beginning. But after using it for several months, I got used to it, and it doesn’t bother me anymore. (Haha, maybe you should ask my neighbours in the morning, though… :P)


The cord is 9 feet long, so it’s much longer than the ones that come with drugstore-brand dryers. You may love or hate it. I love it because I’m always doing far too many things in the morning, so I literally walk outside the bathroom while blowdrying my hair.

Lint Catcher

You can easily remove lint from the catcher, and you should do this periodically so that your dryer continues to work well.

Colour Choice

The Revolution Pro 4000i Dryer by Sedu comes in your choice of pink or black.

In the past, I always opted for black, but this time I decided to go for pink because it’s fun and how often do you get to choose a pink hairdryer? Too bad they didn’t have it in green. 😉

Other Details

Here’s some more information taken from Folica’s website:

  • 80 mph record air speed
  • 86m3/h air flow
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in France


Unfortunately, I’ve never seen Sedu products sold in physical stores here in Canada, so I was forced to buy it online from Folica’s website.

Prices are listed in USD, and expect to pay a COD of around $40-$50 CAD when it arrives. Even though the price is inflated due to this, I still think my Sedu hairdryer was worth the price tag.

Folica has coupon codes every so often, so if this product interests you, I suggest waiting for it. You can save quite a bit this way. If you don’t live in Canada like I do and are going to ship to the States, you’re in luck because they offer free shipping on domestic orders of $50 USD or more.


If you’ve never purchased a professional hairdryer before, the $135.99 USD price tag (plus COD) may make you say, “Hell to the no!” and break out in sticker-shock hives. But…I really think it’s worth the investment.

When I was in high school, I always used cheap drugstore dryers. No matter how careful I was with them, they always broke down after a year or two.

If you don’t drop your professional dryer on the tile floor like I accidentally did, you can expect it to last for waaaaay longer, even if you use it daily like I do! It’s built to withstand more use.

Instead of going through ‘disposable’ dryers, I prefer investing in a high-quality one that lasts.


  • Dries hair with ions & ceramic-tourmaline technology so it doesn’t rely strictly on heat to dry your hair
  • Ions help seal hair’s cuticle, which locks in moisture & makes your hair feel healthier than if you used a regular dryer
  • Choice of pink or black
  • Long 9-foot cord
  • 2 year warranty
  • Comes with a box that can be used for traveling
  • Compact design is travel-friendly
  • May cut down your drying time (This depends on your hair type.)

  • Expensive
  • As far as I know, Sedu is mainly sold at Folica’s website (I’ve never seen it at a physical store here in Canada.)
  • Not the lightest dryer
  • Not the quietest dryer

Final Verdict: 8/10

Although the price of this Sedu hairdryer will make your wallet shiver, I truly believe that it’s worth the investment because it’s built to last, it cut down my drying time, and it left my hair feeling healthier than when I used drugstore dryers.

It’s too bad, though, that my old Sedu dryer was better than this, but it’s discontinued. The Revolution Pro 4000i is still good, but definitely comes in second. That being said, it’s a thousand times better than other dryers I’ve tried.

What hairdryer do you use? How often do you let your hair air dry? Are you able to blowdry your hair and head out the door? Or do you need to flat iron, too?


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