Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatches & Review

Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatches & ReviewSally Hansen Project Runway used to be the Polish That Got Away!

I first laid lustful eyes on the coveted colour when I was shopping at the grocery store with my boyfriend.

I asked him what he thought of this green polish. He replied, “It’s okay. But don’t you have so many colours like that already?”

“Forget about shoes – women can never have too many nail polishes!” I said in my head.

But he was right. I had soooo many polishes. Did I really need yet another green nail polish?

With much hesitation, I put the orphan back, and I had to avoid looking into its sad-yet-hopeful eyes.

When I came home, I stumbled upon a blog post about that exact shade and how hard it was to find. So the next day, I went back to rescue the poor polish, but…it was gone! My precccioouussss!

Since that incident, I had been looking for it every time I went to the grocery store and every time I went to any drugstore. Then, mannnny months later, I casually perused a random clearance bin at a salon.

Looking back at me was a rectangular Sally Hansen Salon bottle. Could it be? No, it couldn’t! Yes! We were reunited, and nothing could ever split us apart!

I squealed, cradled it, and made a mad dash to the cashier before anything could distract me. So, you see, sometimes you can find what you’re looking for when you least expect it!

If there’s a colour you missed out on, keep the faith. You never know where it could turn up!

Sally Hansen Project Runway Pictures

Sally Hansen Project Runway Review & Bottle Pictures

Project Runway by Sally Hansen Swatches, Review & Bottle Pics

Dim Sunlight

Natural Light Project Runway Sally Hansen Swatches & Bottle Pics

Dim Natural Light

Sally Hansen Project Runway Ingredients

Sally Hansen Project Runway Ingredients

Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatches

All swatches have:

Sunlight Photos
Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatches & Review
Sunlight Project Runway by Sally Hansen Review & Swatches
Sunlight Project Runway by Sally Hansen Swatch & Review
Sunlight Sally Hansen Project Runway Review & Pictures
Sunlight Sally Hansen Project Runway Review & Swatch
Sunlight Sally Hansen Project Runway Review & Swatches
Sunlight Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatch & Review
Sunlight Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatches & Review
Dim Natural Light Photos
Natural Light Project Runway Sally Hansen Review & Pics
Natural Light Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatches & Review
Natural Light Project Runway Sally Hansen Review & Swatch
Natural Light Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatch & Review
Flash Photos
Flash Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatch & Review
Flash Sally Hansen Project Runway Nail Polish Swatches & Review
Flash Project Runway Swatch Sally Hansen Review
Flash Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatch & Pics
Sunlight Photo
Sunlight Project Runway by Sally Hansen Swatches & Review
Dim Natural Light Photo
Natural Light Project Runway Sally Hansen Review & Swatches
Flash Photo
Flash Project Runway Sally Hansen Review & Swatches


√ Green

Key Notes

  • Name: Sally Hansen Project Runway
  • Amount: 13 mL (0.44 oz.)
  • What I Paid: $4.99 CAD
  • Where to Buy: This is very tricky to find now, so you may want to scout out clearance bins and warehouse sales.

Sally Hansen Project Runway Review


Project Runway by Sally Hansen is a green polish with a lot of depth. It’s rich without being flat and dark like a lot of other deep greens I’ve tried.

I just love the golden particles in this – adds something really regal to a polish and takes it from ordinary to extraordinary.

In sunlight, the shimmer looks like a yellowish gold, but at times, I thought I could also see some orange gold and some faint green. It could just be that the shimmer was dancing like crazy, though, and it was playing tricks on my eyes.


This is a gorgeous jelly polish, so the finish is super shiny, even without a top coat. However, it’s also on the slightly sheer side, so it’s a good idea to add more than 2 coats of polish. (Alternatively, you could also try layering the polish over another shade, but I feel like you might lose some of the jelly characteristics.)

Also, for jelly polishes, it’s a good idea to wait longer before applying a quick-dry top coat. I was so ecstatic about getting this on my nails immediately that I didn’t wait long enough before applying my top coat. And as you can see from my photos, the top coat pulled the polish, so it looks like there’s tip wear.

Application & Formula

The most magical thing about this polish (aside from the colour) is the formula! You’ll remember me raving about how flawless Misa Girls’ Night Out was. Well, this is just like that – it glides on sooo effortlessly. It practically applies itself and ends up looking like glass on your nails!

This is a very forgiving formula, so even if your application skills need a lot of work, you’ll still get an impressive result. Gotta love polishes like this!


  • Jelly polish with depth
  • Super shiny finish
  • Superior formula for perfect application
  • Gorgeous gold shimmer

  • Very hard to find
  • Jelly polishes require more coats to achieve full opacity

Final Verdict: 10/10

If you ever come across this polish, snatch it up! Don’t waste time having an internal debate. Learn from my foolish mistake of putting it back on the shelf.

Even if you’re not obsessed with green polish like I am, I still think that you’d fall head over heels in love with Sally Hansen Project Runway because the formula is pure perfection! Your painting skills may need some work, but when you use this formula, your results are incredible…and it’s effortless!

Do you like wearing jelly polishes solo or layered? What’s a polish you regret putting back on the shelf?


54 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Project Runway Swatches & Review

  1. Rainbowify Me

    Phew, how great that you actually found it again – it *is* a gorgeous green.
    I don’t think I’ve regretted putting a nail polish back on the shelf – but I haven’t been an addict for very long, so I’ll keep your advice in mind. 🙂
    Rainbowify Me recently posted: Amour ~ Silver Glitter

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Rainbowify Me!

      Yes, I consider myself to be very lucky because even finding a hard-to-find-polish once is amazing in itself! And to think that I almost didn’t look in that clearance bin…*gasp*! And I’m such a nerd because when I saw the bottle shape and the colour, my heart was racing as I went to check the name to make sure it was Project Runway.

  2. maddy

    This green polish is spectacular! I love the gold shimmer it has. When I first saw Essis Shine of the Times, I put it back. 🙁 When I checked online it seemed that everybody had it and it looked amazing, I went to the mall the next day and checked every store where they sell Essie, I went to a few other malls too but none still had it in stock. Luckily, Finger Paints came out with some flakies and I was able to get 4/5 of them. The fifth one was Twisted but they were sold out.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey maddy!

      It’s great that you were able to get the majority of the FingerPaints flakies! 🙂 Those are so pretty – I actually don’t have any of them, but, yes, Twisted is definitely on my wish list. 😉

      Have fun playing around with different layering combinations!

      Have you ever tried any Nfu-Oh flakies? They’re expensive, but really worth it if you’re able to splurge.

  3. Frosso

    Very pretty! It reminds me a little of Cult Nails Living Water. So glad to hear you were reunited with this one. I’ve had that happen to me once or twice before, where you cant find that color for months and then that clearance miraculously come through.
    Btw…this is why I try to stop listening to my boyfriend and go with my gut when it comes to these things 😉
    Frosso recently posted: Lynnderella Mercurial

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Frosso!

      Woo hoo – so glad to hear that because Living Water is on its way to me! 😀

      Isn’t it always a surprise how these precious colours wind up in a clearance bin? How come they’re not snapped up? Were the polishes cleverly evading humans? Veryyy smart! 😉

      AHAHAHA – After that incident, my boyfriend felt a little responsible. So from then on, whenever I asked him what he thought about a polish, if he saw that I really liked it, he said that I should buy it so that it wouldn’t be another Project Runway incident! 😛

  4. Lawren

    I know what you mean by seeing a color and regretting not buying it! I used to work at Shoppers Drug Mart so every time a new collection would come in while I was working, I would vow to buy it at the end of my shift or on break, but then sometimes I’d tell myself to get it another day and then it would be gone! It’s heartbreaking some times…especially when you go into other SDM stores and they’re gone too. If you love a color, you have to buy it!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lawren!

      How convenient that you work at Shoppers and have dibs on colours from new collections! Must be awesome! 😀

      Just out of curiosity, do you remember some of the polishes you wanted that got away? Were they Nicole by OPI ones? I’ve noticed that when Shoppers gets those new collections, they really do fly off the shelf. They have wings…Okay, maybe not. But they do sell out pretty quickly.

      1. Lawren

        Sometimes they were OPI, however I was especially in love with Essie’s seasonal collections and we would always get the small displays with just 2 polishes of each color, so I really had to grab those. I cant recall any specific names of colors, but there’s always at least one color that I MUST have.

        Also, I just noticed your new banner. It’s so adorable! You’re like a leprechaun hehehe and yay for Toronto love! I’m always so happy to find local bloggers 😀

        1. Mary Post author

          Yes, I’m like a leprechaun, except somebody stole my pot o’ gold! (Most likely, I was easily distracted by polish. I knew I should’ve paid more attention…) 😉

  5. Halifax

    Project Runway is not only hard to find, it is Canada exclusive, so it is extremely hard to find 🙂 I’m glad you found it

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Halifax!

      It’s cool that us Canadians got something so spectacular, but…it was so exclusive that it was hard for even us to find! 😛 Sally Hansen really needs to increase their stock of awesome polishes like this. Why limit them so much?

  6. Barbara

    I regret letting China Glaze Skyscraper go. At the Sally’s I saw it at I thought it was more purple than I would like. Of course, after I didn’t snap it up I saw a couple swatches online and regretted not getting it. I know I can order it on line but haven’t because ordering one bottle of polish seems silly!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Barbara!

      You’re right – ordering one bottle of polish seems silly. So, you may as well place an order for 8 or more. 😉 Hahaha! (I’m only half-joking. The shipping is more reasonable when you order more bottles.)

      Well, at least you don’t have to resort to eBay and pay a ridiculous price for it. Maybe when you have a bunch of others colours you’re interested in, you can then place your order. 🙂 Skyscraper really is beautiful.

      1. Barbara

        I wasn’t reading you when back when you reviewed Skyscraper (which looks gorgeous on you!) and I see you had formula issues. I can’t make my nails look as good as yours so maybe I should pass!

        1. Mary Post author

          Of course you can make your nails look nice…and way better than mine! Everybody just needs practice. 🙂

          As for Skyscraper, adding some nail-polish thinner will drastically improve the formula. When I wore it for the first time, I didn’t add anything because I like to see how the polish works as is. So…nooo….don’t pass on Skyscraper! It’s one of the prettiest blues – like a night sky.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Pani Skeffington!

      You’re welcome. 🙂 I loved sharing this one – wore it for a while and didn’t want to remove it!

  7. Sophie

    What a beatiful green polish! At first glance, it remembers me a lot of China Glaze’s Glittering Garland, only the glitter particles are smaller and the base is a tad more blue toned… Am I right?
    I own neither, so I can only rely on your great pictures.

    I have had a similar situation with Catrice – Sold out forever. Short after it was discontinued Bregje from OOOh, Shinies had some post up, explaining it was a Chanal Jade dupe (which wasn’t released in Europe at all). Luckily this shade is supposed to come back with Catrice’s spring color rotation, so yay for that!
    Sophie recently posted: A poetic manicure

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Sophie!

      In terms of the shade, I can see how you’d think it’s similar, but more blue-toned, but because of the jelly finish, the result on your nails looks very different from the finish of Glittering Garland. Project Runway has more depth, that ‘squishy’ look, yet is also rich like Glittering Garland. I do think that you’d be justified owning both.

      (I HIGHLY recommend Glittering Garland, by the way – it’s beautiful in its own right!)

      YAY – I’m glad that the shade you’re looking for may come back. I just love it when companies bring back a discontinued favourite and listens to the customers’ wishes! 🙂 Hope you get your hands on it!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey mellinail!

      I’m picturing this awesome shade on you now. You rock these kind of colours so well, and then you have a fabulous ring to complement it, too. 😉

  8. Carmela

    I can’t believe I’m so behind with reading up on my blogs and commenting that I haven’t seen your pretty new layout! Love it, Mary! 😀 That header is stupendous! I especially love that the unicorn looks like it’s (as the hubby said) farting a rainbow. LOL! Maybe that’ll be a new polish to join Unicorn Pee and Unicorn Puke! 😉

    You’re so lucky to find the one that got away! Seeing your photos, I’m now fairly certain that I DID see this in at the warehouse sale I went to and they still had tons of it! I’ll grab you a few more bottles if I see it again. 🙂

    PS. Seriously, how cool is your new layout? I can’t get over that awesome header! 😀 (I’m so excited about it that I can’t even comment properly on your actual post..sorry!)
    Carmela recently posted: Orly Fowl Play is out to prove there’s nothing foul about this play.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Haha, if that’s the unicorn polish, you know that I’d have to have it. 😉 Maybe it would be green – I think that would go well with the fart theme, don’t you? 😛

      Ahhh – YES, please! If you see it the next time you go, make sure you grab plenty for yourself and friends…and maybe one for me if it’s not too much trouble. This polish is worth having a back-up of.

      P.S. Did you get a chance to contact Vivian yet? I’m sure that she could create something amazing for your blog anniversary!

  9. karen

    Oooh…that is SO pretty! How lucky you were to find another bottle and so smart to snag it right up!

    Seriously, can a girl ever have too much green polish? After all, they are all uniquely different in very special and lovable ways. Hmmm…sounds a bit like what I said to my Sis the other day when she talked me into buying some mood polish and my hand automatically went to the green bottles. hehehe

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey karen!

      Mood polishes sound like so much fun. I’ve never tried any, but from what I’ve seen and heard about them, it makes me really want to try the temperature-sensitive ones. 🙂

      Did you end up buying any of those green mood polishes?

      1. karen

        I caved and bought the blue. It was pretty in the bottle–kind of a sky blue–and went royal blue with the temp change. It was actually kinda neat because the tips of my fingers stay cool so it looked a bit like I had a funky french mani.

        Honestly, the idea sounds super cool, but application was a bit of a mess. The first coat looked like it had been wiped on with a moldy sponge. The second coat gave better coverage except that it took off part of the polish at the base of the nail even after waiting 30 minutes between coats.

        On the upside, the third coate yielded a lovely matte finish that took a carefully applied topcoat reasonably well and that color change thing really does work. 😀

        1. Mary Post author

          Your funky French manicure sounds like it was worth the application troubles. (Your ‘moldy sponge’ description made me crinkle up my face. That DEFINITELY isn’t good…haha!)

          You have a lot of patience, though, since you waited half an hour and the polish still acted up like a terrible two-year-old. Glad that it looked okay in the end after all that hard work you put in!

  10. Marisa

    Haha, I love your “keep the faith” motivational piece in the beginning. I’ve been keeping the faith about many polishes on my wish list. None that I’ve left on the rack, but just hoping I find them eventually.

    This is such a gorgeous polish!! I see why you love it so much. It’s not just any old green. It glows!

    I love jellies. I mostly wear them alone, especially if they are really pretty. However, sometimes, it just needs to be layered.
    Marisa recently posted: Avon – Mambo Melon

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marisa!

      Glad you liked it! 😉 Of course you can relate…hehe! There seem to be a large number of gorgeous polishes that somehow evade us. Don’t they know that we’d provide them with loving homes?

  11. Angel

    OMG you made me LOL!!! My preciooooouuuuussss!!! I literally felt your pain at missing out on that polish. So glad you were able to finally be reunited.

    PS: I read your post to my hubby and when I quoted your boyfriend’s words, hubby yelled “right on!” LMAO!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Angel!

      Thanks for being ‘with me’ through my first-world struggle…hehe!

      Haha, I laughed when I read about your husband’s reaction. 😛 Of course men will stick together on this!

  12. Nicole M

    I like this polish but what I really want to say is that I love the new logo on the top of your page!!! I was like “oh my goodness… that looks just like her… and yeah.. that’s a unicorn with rainbows shooting out of its…” hahahahaha I LOVE IT! I liked your polish hugging pic but the unicorn bit also describes how I feel about polish 😉
    Nicole M recently posted: Tropical Sunset Nail Art

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Nicole M!

      Vivian, one of my loyal readers, was nice enough to offer to create that wonderful header! She’s a very creative and talented woman, and if you ever need any help with graphics, I can refer you to her if you’re interested.

        1. Mary Post author

          Sure thing! 🙂 I’m excited to refer her. Plus, she’s a really helpful and friendly person, so I also vouch for her character.

  13. Maddy

    I never tried Nfu-Oh flakies but I also want to try their holos. Do you know where to buy them? I think I saw them at Pacific Mall before but I’m not sure cause I put down the bottles before seeing the brand.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Maddy!

      So far, the only place I know where to buy them is from I’ve never seen them sold in stores.

      If they are at Pacific Mall, the next time you go, could you take a look at the price? I’m curious if it’s cheaper than online.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey BluMochi!

      If there were several bottles available, I would’ve snatched up another for a giveaway. This is definitely a colour that I’d love to share with my readers.

  14. Kim

    So pretty Ive been on a green kick lately.. Maybe will happen upon it on a blog sale. Its canadian exclusive only? I need to find more canadian connections.. You’d think I would living in Michigan LOL

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Kim!

      I’ve heard that it’s a Canadian exclusive from some people, but others say that it was just stocked really poorly in the States (which made it even rarer). I don’t know the official word, though. Seems like more people are saying it’s a Canadian exclusive, though!

  15. Sparkles Make Me Happy

    This is gorgeous. I remember I searched every CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target in my area and couldn’t find Sally Hansen’s Pumpkin Spice within the same month I saw a blog post on it. I’ve never seen it–not even a slot for it. What’s even more annoying is the salons around here don’t carry polishes like Sally Hansen so I don’t even know where I’d go to find anything in a bargain bin. I doubt I’ll ever find Project Runway but I can always drool over your pictures!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Sparkles Make Me Happy!

      Yeah, Pumpkin Spice sold out really quickly. When I got mine, I think it was pretty soon after it just came out. Anytime after that, all the displays were picked clean by the beauty vulchers.

      Aww…sorry to hear that you had trouble finding it. Have you tried layering an orange glitter polish over a brown? It’s not the same, but maybe it’ll ease the lemming for it in the meantime.

      Do you go to any warehouse sales? Sometimes discontinued polishes like this pop up unexpectedly there.

  16. Kat

    Hey guys! So I am Canadian too and I was looking through the dustys of a salon (in a subway station of all places) and I found a bottle of this polish! Even though it’s beautiful I feel like I don’t need it, I have a lot of greens already. I’d be willing to sell it to someone, we can make payment arrangements over paypal and I can send pics of my bottle. PS the bottle itself is pretty dusty, it was hidden in a pile of other polishes for a while I guess! I can be reached at my email address,

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Kat!

      Haha, out of all the places to find it, you found it there. 😉

      WOW, you’re going to make someone’s day when they find out that they can buy it from you! But, I can’t believe you’re giving it up. Hehe, when I wore it, it turned me into Gollum, and it became My Precious. 😉


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