Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Collection Review

** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

I absolutely love accessories. But being a late waker-upper, I don’t always have time to match and put on jewelry…which is where nail polish steps in. It adds a spicy color to punch up any look, and you don’t need to spend extra time in the morning!

So naturally, I’m going to have to review some nail polishes. First up: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Collection. Check out the review and swatches, and let me know what you think.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Collection Swatches & Pictures:


Gunmetal shown


Gunmetal: 2 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light

Red Carpet: 2 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light

Plum Power: 2 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light

Lime Lights: 3 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light

Flirt: 2 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light

Blue It: 2 Coats with Top Coat in Natural Light


Easy grip
X Easy glide brush designed for complete control
Micro-Shine Complex for Reflective Brilliance & Xtreme Shine
Xtreme strength

Key Notes

  • Name: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Collection
  • Amount: 0.40 fl. oz./11.8 ml
  • What I Paid: $2.49 (CAD)
  • Price Per Unit: $0.21/ml (CAD)
  • Colors Available: Invisible Gloss (01), Green with Envy Creme (02), Hot Magenta Frost (03), Blue Me Away! (04), Rockstar Pink Frost (05), Sun Kissed Creme (06), Cherry Red Creme (07), Deep Purple Frost (08), Disco Ball Frost (09), Emerald City Frost (10), Strobe Light Frost (11), Flirt Creme (12), Celeb City Frost (13), Plum Power (14), Twisted Pink Frost (15), Blue It Frost (16), Ivy League Frost (17), VIP Pink Frost (18), Marine Scene Frost (19), Crushed Frost (20), White On Creme (21), Gunmetal Frost (22), Fuchsia Power Creme (23), Shooting Star Frost (24), Lime Lights Frost (25), Purple Potion Frost (26), Mellow Yellow Creme (27), Black Out Creme (28), Ocean View Frost (29), Red Carpet Frost (30), Virtual Violet Frost (31), Pink Boa Frost (32), Pacific Blue Creme (33), Going Green Creme (34), In the Spotlight Shine (35), Caribbean Coral Creme (36), Wet Cement Creme (37), Bubblegum Pink Creme (38), The Real Teal Creme (39), Purple Pizzazz Frost (40)
  • Where to Buy: Drugstores, pharmacies, big-box stores & nail stores

The Review

The first thing that attracted me to the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Collection at the store is, of course, the colors. There were lots and lots and lots displayed neatly on an open rack – I was in heaven!  The variety of colors available is great (from purples to yellows to blues to reds to greens to blacks, etc.), because I can go back for more shades.

The bottle packaging, I find, to be quite cute. It looks kind of like a tiny bullet…a bullet full of happy and wonderful colors! And the formula of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails is quite a joy to work with. It has a smooth consistency that’s not at all goopy, so it goes on easily and evenly.

That is…once you get the hang of the brush. I’m not fond of the brush design at all whatsoever, and I actually had the same problem with the Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics Collection. The brush stem is too long, and it is completely immersed into the polish. The problem of that is when you start applying, more of the formula actually begins to drip down the stem to the brush end. You end up with more product on your nail than you intended, making it hard to manage your stroke. Take a look at the pictures to see what I mean.

You will definitely need more than one coat as it goes on sheer. As for the finish, it does give you extra brilliance as promised. Take a look at the swatches from specific color reviews (coming soon) to see for yourself!


  • Affordable
  • Cute packaging
  • Smooth consistency
  • Dries quickly & evenly
  • Rich colors

  • Brush stem is too long, causing too much product to drip down to the brush

Final Verdict: 8/10

I really like the colors that the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Collection offers – I’ve already added a few colors to my own collection. At the writing of this post, I’ve been wearing an Xtreme Wear nail polish for 4 days. I do see a little bit of chipping, but nothing very noticeable. For the price I paid, I definitely think it’s a buy and try if you like the colors. And Mary tells me that they go on sale a lot (meaning I’ve already paid too much at $2.49).

Have you tried this collection? If so, lemme know your thoughts! What color is your fave?


4 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color Collection Review

    1. Fiona Post author

      Thanks for that suggestion, Michelle! I might just try that on black…and more colors…since Lime Lights is so sheer. 🙂

  1. Amb

    I have green with Envy and Hot Magenta which I love!!! Hot magenta is my favorite, i also have the mellow yellow which I was not a fan of.


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