Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Swatches & Review

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal SwatchesRescue Beauty Lounge nail polish is known for having a buttery-smooth formula. And a little while ago when they were having a 50% off sale, I just couldn’t resist. (You’re talkin’ about an addict here!)

One of the colors I chose was Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal.

Before wearing this, I had intentions of doing another Konadicure with this as the base color.

After I saw how gorgeous it looked on its own, I just couldn’t bring myself to cover this baby up (at least not the first time I sported it). It’s a deep creme that I think would look incredible on any skin tone!

Why did I love it so much that I wore this for over a week? Come on over, and let me tell you!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Pictures

Teal Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Nail Polish

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Review

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Ingredients

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Swatches

(All swatches have 1 coat of Nail Tek Foundation II Base Coat, 2 coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal & 1 coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat)

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Swatches


Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Swatch


Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatches Review

Indoor (Natural Light)

RBL Teal Swatches


Rescue Beauty Lounge Swatch Review

Indoors (Natural Light)


    High shine

Key Notes

  • Name: Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal
  • Amount: 12 mL (0.4 oz.)
  • What I Paid: $9 USD (Retails for $18 USD – Got it for less at the 50% off Rescue Beauty Lounge sale)
  • Where to Buy: Rescue Beauty Lounge website & Rescue Beauty Lounge spa

Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Review

Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are like potato chips – you can’t just have one. So, of course, after I tried Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie, I had to see what else they had to offer.

Although I loved the color of Scrangie, I was disappointed with the formula. But now that I tried Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal, I know what all the raves are about surrounding this brand. Fabulous!


RBL Teal polish is a really dark blue that has a slightly dusty quality to it. In dim light, it looks blackish, but in artificial and in natural light, that’s when the real beauty of this hue comes out.

The color of Rescue Beauty Lounge in Teal is closer to my indoor swatches above.

Formula: Application & Finish

It was love at first brushstroke! We’re talking full opacity in a single coat! Isn’t that crazy? I couldn’t believe it! It went on perfectly and effortlessly.

Even though I could’ve stopped at 1 coat, I’m an animal of habit, so I painted 2 coats. There was no noticeable difference (i.e. added depth) with the extra coat.

I wish I could’ve captured it better in my Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal swatches, but this polish dries super shiny! I could literally see my own reflection in my nails – it was sorta creepy when I first noticed that actually. And that was even before I put on my usual coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

This polish delivers a flawless creme finish that’s so easy to apply. Out of all the 200+ polishes I own, this one is definitely in the Top 10 in terms of formula. And…it should be excellent considering how much this retails for.


The major plus is that Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal doesn’t contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or toluene. So if you’re watching your nail polish ingredients, this should be right up your alley.


I prefer medium-sized brushes because I have small fingers, but I like the brush to hold a bit more polish so I don’t have to keep dipping into the bottle when I’ve only done half a nail.

Rescue Beauty Lounge’s brush is short and thin. While I found it tricky to use with the formula of Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie, with a super-smooth and perfect formula like that of RBL Teal, it works like a dream! Polish goes exactly where you want it to go, and it picks up just the right amount of polish.


Normally I don’t comment on the bottle shape, but with Rescue Beauty Lounge, it’s different because I really love the elegant angular design. Very simple. Very chic. ‘Nuff said.

Animal Friendly

RBL polishes are never tested on animals, so you can paint your nails without the guilt!


  • No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or toluene
  • No animal testing
  • 1 coat provides completely opaque coverage
  • Perfectly smooth formula
  • Super shiny finish
  • Beautiful dark teal

  • Expensive
  • Can look like black in dim light

Final Verdict: 10/10

The smooth easy-to-apply formula, gorgeous stare-at-your-nails color, and conscientious animal-friendly policy are all some of the reasons why I think you’ll also enjoy wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge in Teal.

Can’t wait to try more colors from this brand!

What about you? Which ones are you itching to try? What’s your favorite teal nail polish to wear?


6 thoughts on “Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal Swatches & Review

    1. Mary Post author

      Yes, it’s on the pricey side, but it’s totally worth paying full price! Getting it for 50% off was an incredible steal.

      This polish has one of the best formulas I’ve ever used. If you’re into really-dark blues, Alaeis, you’ll absolutely love this shade.

      Have you tried any Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, or was this the first one you were thinking about trying?

    1. Mary Post author

      It’s definitely not cheap. But if you’re looking for a fuss-free formula, a gorgeous color, and outstanding shine, Teal by Rescue Beauty Lounge is incredible. Then again, at this price, it should be perfect in all ways.

      If the price is deterring you, maybe wait for the next 50% off sale. They seem to have one at least once a year.

    1. Mary Post author

      Thanks, sonidlo! 🙂

      Usually shimmers, glitters, and holos make me stare at my nails, but this was a creme nail polish that mesmerized me.

      Since I’ve worn it by itself already, now I have the heart to do a Konadicure using it.


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