Reader Request: OPI Get Your Number & OPI Tiffany Case Comparison Swatches & Photos

OPI Get Your Number & OPI Tiffany CaseSince yesterday’s OPI Tiffany Case Swatches & Review post, many of you asked if I could compare that polish to OPI Get Your Number (another Liquid Sand, but from the Mariah Carey Collection).

You may remember that I gushed about Get Your Number like it was David Beckham blowing me kisses. πŸ˜‰ To date, it’s still my favourite OPI Liquid Sand polish. Just look at it! You can see there’s magic inside! (Even though PR provided me with a bottle, I ended up buying a back-up of it because I loved it that much!)

As you can see in the photo, they’re not as similar as lots of people thought. There are distinct differences, so you can justify owning both.

In this post, I’ll share more side-by-side bottle shots as well as swatches so you can better see the big differences between the two.

These are both great picks if you’re just diving into Liquid Sand territory. I highly recommend them!

Note:Β The order is the same in this entire post.Β Click on the links for my separate posts with in-depth swatches and reviews! (Both nail polishes were provided by PR.)

OPI Get Your Number & OPI Tiffany Case Comparison Photos

Natural Light Photo

OPI Get Your Number & OPI Tiffany Case Comparison Swatches

Flash Photo

OPI Get Your Number & OPI Tiffany Case Comparison Swatches Flash

Edit:Β I forgot that I had even closer shots to share with you, so I’ve included them below now!

OPI Get Your Number Macro Shot

OPI Get Your Number

OPI Tiffany Case Macro Shot

OPI Tiffany Case

OPI Get Your Number & OPI Tiffany Case ComparisonΒ Swatches

Both swatches have 2 coats of each colour and no top coat.

Natural Light Photo

OPI Get Your Number Swatch & OPI Tiffany Case Swatch Comparison

Flash Photo

OPI Tiffany Case & OPI Get Your Number

Sometimes it’s easier to see the differences when you put a full manicure side-by-side with another instead of just looking at one nail. So, I’m including 2 manicure photos (one from each of the in-depth reviews I did on them earlier).

Natural Light Photos

Get Your Number by OPI

OPI Get Your Number

OPI Tiffany Case Review & Swatch

OPI Tiffany Case

Flash Photos

OPI Get Your Number Swatch & Review

OPI Get Your Number

OPI Tiffany Case Review, Swatches & Photos

OPI Tiffany Case

My Observations

While both blue Liquid Sands are extremely pretty, I have a soft spot for OPI Get Your Number.


Get Your Number is a richer, happier blue, and the base is an interesting matte jelly. It reminds me of a blue lagoon.

Tiffany Case is lighter, and it has a metallic quality that creates an ‘icy’ look in comparison.

Other Colours

Get Your Number has holographic glitter, which is like fireworks for nail polish! πŸ™‚ I love how there’s a rainbow of sparkly goodness.

Tiffany Case has fine and larger silver glitter mixed in.


Both of these are Liquid Sands, but Get Your Number seems to have small and large chunks of ‘sand’ that make it really interesting and ‘rock-like’.

Most of Tiffany Case has uniform ‘sand’, so the finish, while still ‘rock-like’ is a more refined version.


Get Your Number is intriguing because while it’s matte and textured, the base blue seems to be like a jelly in that it’s a little sheer and reminds you of looking into the ocean because of the depth.

Tiffany Case is more opaque than Get Your Number, although both cover the nail perfectly with just 2 coats.

Dry Time & Durability

Both of them dry very quickly, and I didn’t notice any difference in their durability.

Having worn both of these polishes as full manicures, I have no reservation recommending both for you to try. However, if you don’t want two blue Liquid Sands, then I say go for Get Your Number. The holographic glitter really makes a huge difference and makes it flashier.

I hope that you found this comparison post helpful! πŸ™‚

Which one’s your favourite? How many Liquid Sands have you worn?


28 thoughts on “Reader Request: OPI Get Your Number & OPI Tiffany Case Comparison Swatches & Photos

  1. Jaime

    That was such a great in depth review!! I absolutely agree with you on Can’t get your number. I got the smaller bottle when I bought the sample set, loved it so much I bought the full size and it just goes great with so many design ideas! Love your blog

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Jaime!

      Yay! Glad that you also thought Get Your Number was the champ. πŸ˜‰ Aww, and thanks – it makes me feel great that you enjoy Swatch And Learn so much!

  2. Joyce

    Thanks for the comparison!
    I think I now have plenty of reasons why hubby dearest just has to buy me both… (and all other Bond girls as well πŸ˜‰ )

    If I really have to choose, Get Your Number is my favourite as well, but I love all Liquid Sands (even though I try to avoid the stars in the red Mariah Carey one… those can remain in the bottle).

  3. Cindi

    Those really are different. Different enough to justify owning both. I prefer Get Your Number though of the two. It looks more like a sapphire while the other one looks more like a pastel blue topaz.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Whitney!

      It was my pleasure – I’m glad to help out readers! If you have any suggestions for future comparison posts, don’t hesitate to let me know, and I’ll put them in consideration. πŸ™‚

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Rose Ambrai!

      Definitely try Get Your Number. Once you do, don’t be surprised if you fall madly in love with the Liquid Sands!

  4. Tanya

    I really like both of them. So far I’ve bought all 5 of the liquid sands that are currently available and I’ve noticed myself wearing The Impossible the most.

      1. Tanya

        I actually just have the mini which doesn’t have any stars in it, but I think I might buy a full size soon, so we’ll see. πŸ™‚

        1. Mary Post author

          When I tried the full-size bottle, it was tough fishing out the stars. I suggest you use a toothpick to get those suckahs out. πŸ˜‰


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