Pray for Paris & Pray for the Entire World

Pray for Paris

In the wake of the Paris attacks that continue to cause devastation, tearing apart loved ones suddenly and unexpectedly and bringing fears of uncertainty to the surface, my heart and prayers go out to the families who are picking up the pieces. (You are strong, even if you don’t feel like you are.)

Violence against innocent civilians goes against a cardinal rule of life – The Golden Rule. It reminds us that we are vulnerable and that we are mortal.

This tragedy affects the entire world, not only the Parisians who were hit the hardest. It’s a time when people may begin to question their faith, their future, and their fears.

Terrorist attacks scare me because you never know when or where they’re going to happen or even if the casual passerby will be behind some evil scheme. But you can’t mentally torture yourself with these thoughts on a daily basis, or you’ll become paranoid and blind to living your life.

There are an alarming number of fatalities, people who were injured, and many who are in critical condition. It’s enough to make your head spin because innocent lives were destroyed.

At times like these, it is incredibly challenging to see any silver lining, but we must push ourselves.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to promote love and peace because we should try to never let go of hope. (Hope is one of the few things that can help us survive even the worst situations. It’s like a secret weapon that’s not-so-secret because we all have the power to tap into it.)

Even when corruption runs rampant, a kernel of light will always exist. For instance, it touched my heart when I read about the brave and loving Parisians who lined up for hours to donate blood, even though the French government instructed civilians to remain indoors for safety.

I believe that these are our everyday heroes, the people who selflessly make a difference in the lives of strangers. They don’t get medals or awards. They don’t need or want those. They’re doing it because they feel that it’s the right thing to do, and that unconditional love is a miraculous gift we need to appreciate and seek inspiration from.

The power of the human spirit to rise above adversity is a real-life story that I always want to hear and, if possible, participate in.

Even if you don’t donate blood (some can’t, due to their health condition), you can still promote the message of love and peace.

We all must do our part to ensure that hope’s flame continues to burn brightly.

Pray for Paris, but also pray for the entire world.


2 thoughts on “Pray for Paris & Pray for the Entire World

  1. Melissa

    Well said Mary. I agree tapping into hope is the most powerful weapon we have and everyone can use it. Sending prayers and positive thoughts to Paris.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      With recent news now of Belgium being under high security, it really is a scary time. However, we must always have hope that good will triumph evil. My heart goes out to those in Paris, those in Belgium, and everyone in the world!


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