Orly Spark Swatches & Review

Orly Spark SwatchesI’m just mad about Saffron. She’s just mad about me. They call me Mellow Yellow!”

Although I don’t wear yellow nail polish often (and when I do, normally it’s a retina-burning neon), lately I’ve been really craving a demure yellow. Very uncharacteristic!

But while Orly Spark isn’t an ostentatious color nor does it have bells and whistles like holographic glitter or any duochrome, I was drawn to it like a bee to a flower.

Yellows can be quite a challenge to pull off. If you choose the wrong shade, you can look like you have a severe case of jaundice or anemia. But Orly Spark is very wearable – the perfect spring pick-me-up.

Orly Spark Pictures

Orly Spark Swatches Review

Orly Spark Ingredients

Sorry this is hard to read. The label itself was blurry!

Orly Spark Swatches

All swatches have:

  • 1 coat of Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat
  • 2 coats of Orly Spark
  • No top coat (*gasp* Why not? Find out what I layered on top of it in Friday’s post! *Hint hint*)
Orly Spark Swatches


Orly Spark Review


Orly Nail Polish Spark Swatches

Artificial Light

Orly Spark Swatch Review

Artificial Light

Orly Spark Swatch


Orly Spark Review & Swatches

Artificial Light


    Dries fast
    ~ High-gloss finish

Key Notes

Orly Spark Review

Hmm…I actually forgot to include this polish in my Haul of Shame post even though I bought it on the same day as all that other stuff. And looks like I also forgot to include the dotting tool I purchased, too.


Spark by Orly is a soft yellow creme polish that reminds me of Easter eggs and cute fuzzy little chicks. But even though it’s soft, it really makes a statement when you wear it. Something about how it’s so clean-looking probably – really cheerful and tasteful.

Formula & Application

The formula is on the runny side, although it’s not exactly runny like water. It seems to be thick yet runny at the same time. But the polish was easy to control during application.

The first coat was pretty scary. Well, all yellows pretty much start off streaky and you need to apply more than a single coat to get a totally even look. Orly Spark was no exception. But by the second coat, the streakiness was gone and so was the VNL (Visible Nail Line).

Dry Time

According to the bottle, Orly claims that their nail polishes dry fast. To test this, I didn’t apply my usual Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. Played the waiting game while watching some fluffy reality show.

After about 20 minutes, I touched my nail and it was pretty dry. Even when I lightly pressed the pad of my finger directly onto the nail, it didn’t even leave a fingerprint. Good stuff, Orly!


Orly Spark dries somewhat shiny – not so much so that you can see your own reflection in your nails, but there’s definitely a glossy finish. If you want your nails to look like glass, follow up with a good top coat.

I actually skipped the top coat because I wanted to layer something else over it. (To see that manicure, stay tuned for my post on Friday!)


Those who are looking for Big-3 polishes (i.e. formulas that don’t contain formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP) will be pleased because Orly Spark doesn’t have the varnish villains.


It’s thinner than the OPI Pro-Wide brushes, but I do like Orly brushes. You can get just the right amount of nail polish onto it, and because it’s thin, you can be more precise, especially on the little pinkie.

Rubberized Handle

I also love how Orly nail polishes always have a rubberized handle. It’s so comfortable to hold, and you get a great grip for more control during application. Wish that other nail-polish companies would include a rubberized handle. Makes it easier to open a stubborn bottle without cursing like a sailor.


  • Soft yellow that’s easy-to-wear
  • Dries fast
  • Dries somewhat shiny even without a top coat
  • Big-3-Free formula – No formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP
  • With at least 2 coats, you get a streak-free finish

  • First coat goes on extremely streaky

Final Verdict: 9.5/10

Even if you tend to shy away from yellow nail polish, I suggest you give Orly Spark a try – it may very well surprise you because it’s a very crisp, clean, easy-to-wear shade. And it’s very fitting considering that we’re approaching Easter.

Would you ever wear or have you ever worn yellow nail polish? What’s your favorite yellow – a crazy neon, a shimmer, a glitter, a metallic, or a pastel? Is there a certain nail-polish color you’d never wear?

See this color used in cupcake nail art I did!


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    1. Mary Post author

      Thanks for the support, Kuheli! 🙂 Fiona and I work really hard on it – it’s a labor of love for sure. And yay! Thanks for following us, too!

      Yeah, Orly Spark is an unusual color. I’m drawn to colors that are different. Makes it more exciting when you push conventional boundaries even if it’s just nail polish.


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