Orly Lunar Eclipse Swatches & Review

Orly Lunar Eclipse SwatchOrly Lunar Eclipse (from the Cosmic FX Collection) is like the femme fatale in film noir. You get mystery, seduction, and beauty.

I’m more a green nail-polish lover, but this is one vibrant blue I absolutely adore! Why? It has personality, depth, and oodles of sparkles.

This is an electric color! It gets your attention without being tacky. It shifts from blue to a slight purple duochrome. And I think it would look fantastic on any skin tone!

Click the link to see close-up swatches and to read my in-depth review on the formula.

Orly Lunar Eclipse Swatches & Pictures

Orly Lunar Eclipse Swatch

2 Coats in Direct Sunlight

Orly Lunar Eclipse Swatch

2 Coats in Indirect Sunlight

Orly Lunar Eclipse Swatch

2 Coats in Artificial Light (Lobster hands, anyone?)

Orly Lunar Eclipse Swatch

2 Coats in Indirect Sunlight

Orly Lunar Eclipse BottleKey Notes

Orly Lunar Eclipse Review

This blue is like a blinged-out Cookie Monster! Wherever you wear this, it catches the light and looks like it’s glowing. Plus I love how the dense sparkles and the slight purple duochrome provide added depth.

Don’t worry about gritty glitter with this one – it dries quick, smooth, and shiny. But I recommend slicking on a top coat to really intensify the color.

Since I only like to change my nail polish every week or so instead of daily like some people, the durability of a polish is very important to me. I’m pleased to report that Orly Lunar Eclipse wears like iron – no chipping yet, but some tip wear after having worn it for 7 days. (The swatches above were taken on Day 2.)

As with all Orly polishes, the rubberized handle is a great feature because it makes me feel like I have better control during application. It’s also great because y’know when a little bit of polish dries at the neck of the bottle and that makes it harder to open? I used to take an elastic band and wrap it around the handle of other polishes to crack them open easily. Now Orly has that built right in – convenient!

Although I’ve never used up a complete bottle before, I do like how Orly has 18mL of product compared to the standard 15mL from many other nail-polish companies. This means it’ll take longer before I reach the bottom (which is when you have to start tilting the bottle and working harder to get more polish on the brush).

The formula itself applies great, although it’s runny. It’s opaque in 1 coat, but I applied 2 coats out of habit.

Another important thing about the formula is that it’s self-leveling meaning that if you accidentally put too much near the tips, it’ll even itself out for a flawless finish. This makes it ideal for nail-polish newbies. And for nail aficionados, it’s everything you want!

Want to see some Orly Lunar Eclipse swatches with 1, 2, and 3 coats? I covered this in a previous post about the Orly Cosmic FX Collection.

Also, be sure to check your stash for OPI Designer Series Magic. I’ve heard lots of people saying that this is a dupe or near-dupe for Orly Lunar Eclipse.

Here’s what I wore under and over the nail polish:


  • Smooth & shiny formula that’s easy to work with
  • Sparkly & electric color
  • No formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) or Formaldehyde Resin
  • Rubberized handle for more application control

  • Limited-edition color with high risk of selling out fast (it’s already out of stock at several places)

Final Verdict: 8/10

This has made it in my top 10 list of favorite blues to wear. It’s shiny. It’s sparkly. It’s a party on your nails. And it’s a party that continues for a week to boot! If you’re a fan of blue polish or if you want a funky manicure that doesn’t dive into the over-the-top realm, this baby’s for you!

What blues drive you wild?


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