OPI Yank My Doodle Swatches & Review

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatches Review

Like pumpkin pies and spiced lattes, OPI Yank My Doodle from the Washington DC Collection is sending strong fall vibes!

Advertised as a tawny copper, this creme nail polish features a name that will make the 12-year-old in you giggle.

However, there’s nothing funny about the colour. It’s sophisticated and a departure from many of the hues that I’ve highlighted on the blog before, which is why I’m especially excited to do this review!

This colour is probably one that falls into the ‘granny chic’ category. What can I say? Grannies have good taste!

OPI Yank My Doodle Pictures

OPI Yank My Doodle Review Swatch

Artificial Light

Yank My Doodle OPI

Natural Light

OPI Yank My Doodle Review Washington DC Collection Review

Artificial Light

Yank My Doodle by OPI

Natural Light

OPI Yank My Doodle Washington DC Collection

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatches

All swatches have:

Artificial Light Photos

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatches Review

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatches

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatch Review

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatch

Natural Light Photos

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatch Washington DC Collection Swatch

Yank My Doodle OPI Washington DC Collection Swatches

OPI Yank My Doodle Swatches Washington DC Collection Swatches

Yank My Doodle OPI Washington DC Collection Swatch


  • Tawny copper (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: OPI Yank My Doodle
  • Collection: OPI Washington DC Collection (Fall/Winter 2016)
  • Press Release: Click here to see the OPI Washington DC Collection press release!
  • Quick Look: Click here to see my OPI Washington DC Collection swatches!
  • Colours Available in the Collection: Stay Off the Lawn!!, Never a Dulles Moment, Yank My Doodle, Squeaker of the House, Madam President, We the Female, Suzi – The First Lady of Nails, Pale to the Chief, Freedom of Peach, Shh…It’s Top Secret!, OPI by Popular Vote, CIA =  Color is Awesome, Kerry Blossom (limited edition), “Liv” in the Gray (limited edition) & Inside the ISABELLEtway (limited edition)
  • Amount: 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.)
  • Retail Price: $12.50 CAD
  • Disclosure: This post contains a press sample provided by PR.
  • Where to Buy: Trade Secrets, NailPolishCanada, Macy’s, ULTA Beauty, Chatters Hair Salons & select spas, salons & beauty-supply stores

OPI Yank My Doodle Review


If a traditional Hallowe’en orange is too bright for you, Yank My Doodle by OPI may be up your alley because it’s like autumn’s mature sister.

The burnt orange creme lends sophistication with a hint of pumpkin purée, which will coordinate well with a fall wardrobe that features neutrals and rich gem tones.

This nail polish took me by surprise because this colour is the kind that I would typically overlook in the bottle. But, I gave it a chance, and I really like it on my nails. It’s giving me fall vibes, and since that’s my favourite season, I couldn’t be happier!


The creme finish is classic and simple. Without a wild finish, there’s nothing to detract your attention away from the beautiful colour.

Application & Formula

It was easy to apply Yank My Doodle by OPI. It went on smoothly, and you have adequate time to go over the same spot to get the look you want.

The formula was slightly on the thinner side, but I didn’t have any major issues with it. After just two coats, I was able to achieve full coverage. Depending on your application and the thin formula, expect to use two to three easy coats.


OPI Yank My Doodle doesn’t contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP, so if you’re looking to avoid the “Big 3”, you’ll be happy to know this.


  • Sophisticated burnt orange creme
  • Different than a lot of orange nail polishes
  • Smooth formula
  • 2-3 coats for full coverage
  • No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP


  • Thin consistency (but it’s not a huge issue, since it’s easy to paint with & it builds up well)

Final Verdict: 9/10

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed OPI Yank My Doodle! I don’t wear too many oranges, but when I do, they tend to be the typical bright ones. This is a nice twist on what I’m used to, and it’s a more ‘grown-up’ version, which I’m embracing!

Are you getting autumn vibes from this nail polish, too? Do you wear orange on your nails, or is it a colour that you shy away from?


6 thoughts on “OPI Yank My Doodle Swatches & Review

  1. Melissa

    It’s a pretty color and it looks great on you, but I’m gong to have to pass on this one. For some reason this shade looks very weird on me. I don’t know why but it does. Thanks for sharing your review and your swatches with us.! 🙂

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Melissa!

      Colours like this walk a find line with me, too. Sometimes, if there’s a hint of pink mixed in with the orange, it can look a little funky against my skin tone. This burnt orange, though, has me swooning!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Valentina!

      It’s certainly one of those nail polishes that you have to play with. In the bottle, I never would’ve thought it’d ‘work’ against my skin tone, but somehow, it does. Now I want to try more burnt-orange-granny-chic shades! 😉


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